November 28, 2008

Grinch strikes Bristol Historical Society

When the Bristol Historical Society went to set up its annual Christmas tree sale today, it discovered that someone chopped the tops off all of its 100-odd trees, effectively destroying their value.
Bob Montgomery, the city historian, said he is hopping mad -- as he should be.
Anyone who can help identify the culprits should contact the police.
Let's see if the community can rally to show this Grinch-like behavior won't stop Christmas from coming, at least for the historical society. If you can lend a hand to this important organization, do.

Update on Saturday morning: Neighbor Bob Boudreau says there are many trees there that still have their tops. So don't hesitate to go check 'em out.

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Anonymous said...

What an awful thing to do!

Anonymous said...

maybe we should all buy a topless "Charlie Brown" tree this year.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that they have had awesom trees in the past so if they got the same ones as before, they can hopefully still sell them. I will definately buy my tree there to support them.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with some people? Don't they have any respect for their community?

I hope they catch these thugs and throw them in jail!

Anonymous said...

Dam unions again. The HS was not paying union scale and didn't have afifty five gallon fire thingy going to keep warm.

What Gives? said...

Topless trees....hmmmmm?

Sounds like a pretty good marketing campaign.

Isn't Frank Johnson connected with the Bristol Historical Society?

Is this some sort of free publicity stunt?

Come on Frank...whattya know?

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah,Blah 9:06 hatemongering person . Go get a life baby !!!

Bob Boudreau said...

We're going to go down and buy a tree anyway and use it for greens outside.

I'd like to ask others to do the same.

This is a worthy organization that preserves the flavor and the fabric of our community. It is a treasure that we should all support.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the BristolBlog, breeding ground for the original grinch like 9:06. Merry Christmas to you Bah Humbug !! ;o)

Bob Boudreau said...

We just went down and picked up a tree.

I am happy to report that the "grinchs" only cut the tops off a about a dozen trees or so.

PLENTY of great choices available unharmed.

Also, a bunch of topless trees that actually look great too.

Anonymous said...

Don't just blame Frank Johnson - Ellen Zoppo is involved as well. Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Anonymous said...

Re: 12:52

You are sick and need help, now.

Anonymous said...

Please support the historical society and buy a tree from this great organization. Don't let the vandals ruin a great fundraiser for them.

Anonymous said...

I am going to drop a $100.00 check in the mail for BHS. This fund raiser was to pay for fuel and electricity through the winter.

BHS did not deserve this from a community it only seeks to support and memorialize.

The Bristol Historical Society Museum, the Sports Hall of Fame, and the Military Museum are all located in this building and it serves as home to a Boy Scout Troop and is a meeting place for many other civic minded groups and associations.

BHS members are collecting food for the Saint Joseph Food Pantry. If you can’t send a check, buy a tree. If you can’t do that, drop off a can of food for the needy.

Drop a check in the mail to:

98 Summer Street
PO Box 1393
Bristol, CT 06011-1393

Anonymous said...

there are a couple of stories going around, was the damage to 10 trees or 100 trees?

Brutus said...

Wow! the mayor has yet to comment this.

Anonymous said...

My understanding, from multiple sources, is that about 80-85 trees were damaged to varying degrees.

They have been groomed as well as possible.

As a previous poster said, about 15 were severely damaged.

Many are sellable but some are real dwarfs now.