November 21, 2008

Former Press editor speaks out on possible closings

One of our former editors, Bob Pollack, wrote a nice column this week bemoaning the potential loss of The Bristol Press and the New Britain Herald here: Ex-Editor laments potential demise of dailies.
Bob was a funny, quirky fellow who had an astonishing passion for news, someone who despite a lot of years in the business hadn't lost the competitive fire and idealism that drives those of us who love this odd profession. I'm glad to see he's still out there hustling for the next story.
That sort of drive is what Bristol has to hang onto. That next story may the one that matters, the one that points the way to a better future for everybody or at least the one that everyone has to read.
We still chuckle at some of the things Bob used to do, but one of his more charming characteristics was his ability to laugh at them, too. This time, though, there's nothing to laugh about.
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