November 20, 2008

New Haven Advocate calls JRC "Jackass of the Week"

Craig Gilbert illustration for the New Haven Advocate.

The New Haven Advocate had kind words for Play, a competing alternative weekly that the Journal Register Co. pulled the plug on, and harsh words for the corporate decisionmakers involved. The closing of The Bristol Press, the New Britain Herald and 11 weeklies also rated a passing mention.
Technically speaking, though, even if the two dailies die, their tombstones ought to read 2009. We may need those 12 days in the new year.

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Anonymous said...

I call the New Haven Advocate a sophomoric, unprofessional left wing rag.

Anonymous said...

and the New Haven Advocate is different from the Bristol Press?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you nattering nabobs. The Advocate nailed this one.