November 14, 2008

Local sports won't get noticed if Press closes

As this perceptive blogger points out, if The Bristol Press and other Central Connecticut papers fold in January, one area of the community that will pay the price is high school athletics.
There are so many young athletes in so many sports who have been featured over the years in the pages of the Press that I can't even imagine how many thousands must have had their moment in the sun that way. It won't happen anymore after January 12 if this community lets its paper die.
Want to know who won the game? Good luck with that if it's not on ESPN. Sure, there will be a million sources telling all about the Red Sox or the Patriots or even the Huskies.
But if you want to know how Central's game went against Eastern, fat chance. Want to see how the swimmers are doing? Nobody will know. Any thought of seeing the latest Legion game at Muzzy Field? You won't even know it's happening.
It's entirely possible that the most cripping blow of all to Bristol and the other towns facing the loss of their paper is to local sports. Sure, the games will still get played. But the pictures, the stories, the scores and all the rest that have been a staple of the newspaper for more than a century will simply come to a grinding halt.
It's beyond sad to think of it.
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