November 3, 2008

If Central's students are any indication, Democrats should stock up on champagne

At Bristol Central High School's mock election today, Barack Obama and the Democrats buried their Republican challengers.
With nearly 1,000 students voting, Obama garned 76 percent of the vote while Republican John McCain trailed with less than 20 percent of the tally.
Here are the results, courtesy of Lawrence Covino, Advanced Placement Instructor and Social Studies Department Coordinator at Central:
Bristol Central High School Student Vote Results
Vote taken:  Monday, November 3, 2008
                      -             President/Vice President
Rebublican --- John McCain/Sarah Palin ------------197
Democrat----- Barack Obama/Joe Biden - -----------761
Independ.----- Ralph Nader/Matt Gonzalez -----------29
                                   Representative in Congress
Rebublican --- Joe Visconti ----------- 219                              
Democrat ---- John Larson ----------- 682
Green---------- Stephen Fornier -------76
                                   State Rep.  77th
Rebublican--- Jill Fitzgerald---------- 350
Democrat----- Chris Wright----------- 641
                                  State Rep. 78th
Rebublican--- William Hamzy-------- 389
Democrat ---- Jacqui Denski--------- 583
                                  State Rep. 79th
Rebublican --- David Norton---------- 209
Democrat-----Frank Nicastro--------740
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Anonymous said...

Hamzy might really be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Being a cynic, I ask: how long before someone ctiticizes the Bristol School system for those votes?

However, it usually is a reflection of what one hears at home, and will be interesting to see how reflective it is.

Anonymous said...

I think it's hysterical that you have R E B U B L I C A N

Great typo!!!

Steve Collins said...

Let's be clear: the stuff in italics came from the school. And we'll give them a break because I'm sure someone was in a hurry to get the results out!

Anonymous said...

We are in big trouble if the dems won across the board. We will not even be able to buy food or put gas in our car if they get in! Everyone is very uneducated to think Bush is at fault for everything and not to vote in Republicans. This is truly going to be a sad day in History tomorrow. I really hope the U's elect McCain.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I was looking at a student newspaper at Tunxis Community College today. The College held a two-day Mock Election on 10/14 & 10/15.

A total of 541 people (students, faculty & staff) voted and here are the results:

Obama = 383 votes
McCain = 118 votes
Nader = 32 votes
McKinney = 7 votes

Obama received nearly 71 percent of the votes compared to McCain's 22 percent.

Anonymous said...

As a former central student, and organizer of the mock election, i just think its fair to point out that the tallies of central are grossly inaccurate. Many students vote multiple times, and ballots are counted at many times by students. do not read anything into this poll. no precatious measures are taken to secure accuracy.

If voters are smart, they will choose:

Joe Visconti
Bill Hamzy
Jill Fitzgerald
Dave Norton

Anonymous said...

Another sign of the failure of our educational system. Are the Central students learning about Obama's illegal, slum-living Auntie, his ACORN friends, his anti-white preacher, his anti-American wife, his terrorist pal, his abhorence of our Constitution, his lack of a birth certificate, and all the other Obama no-nos? I guarantee they are not. Have they learned to critically analyse what politicians, especially smooth-talking ones, are saying? Probably not.

It's sad how many people have their heads in the sand concerning this election and American education. If people were educated the way they should be, Obama would not have a chance tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Of course this is the result. Kids are not adults. No doubt Obama makes them "feel good" ....doesn't take more than that.

Impeach the teachers! said...

No parents with kids that go to Central are in Fitzgerald's district.

BTW, the teachers tell them to vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

It would be quite unfortunate if Hamzy and Fitzgerald lost. They are two quality candidates with superior credentials.

Vote the person not the party!

Anonymous said...

Denski is the perfect argument against democracy and for bringing back the monarchy.

But Colapietro is a great one too!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Hamzy!!!