November 3, 2008

Guess the election results

This is only for bragging rights since I have nothing to give but empty praise, but anyone with an interest in politics always wants to show up everyone else in
 predicting outcomes.
Here are the contests you should predict the percentages for:
1. McCain-Obama nationwide
2. McCain-Obama in Bristol
3. Chief operating officer referendum in Bristol
4. 77th District race between Fitzgerald and Wright; and
5. (tiebreaker) Electoral vote in the presidential race.
This is open to anyone who posts comments with his or her own name or 'handle,' but I won't post Anonymous comments in this thread since we don't want Anonymous to win, since everyone can claim the dubious honor.
Here's an example of a response (which is not my guess, by the way):
I predict McCain will win the national popular vote 52-47.
In Bristol, Obama will win 73-27.
Voters in Bristol will pass the COO proposal by a 55-45 margin.
Wright will win in the 77th by 54-46.
And McCain will win 288 electoral votes, leaving 247 for Obama.
Anyone can comment on the predictions of others, even Anonymous posters. But, hey, isn't it time to register? The contest closes as of 1 p.m. Tuesday to preclude anyone from using exit poll data to narrow down the likely national outcome.
By the way, be sure to vote for real on Tuesday. The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
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secret collins admirer said...

My guess is that you're rooting for Obama and the usual.

That's my "guess" in contribution to this discussion.

Anonymous said...

Are you afraid to make a call in the Hamzy race?

Steve Collins said...

You can guess the Hamzy race outcome if you like. I don't care.

Jackson said...

Obama - 54, McCain 44
McCain-Obama in Bristol (Obama 72-27)
3. Chief operating officer referendum in Bristol (62 percent NO)
4. 77th District race between Fitzgerald and Wright (Wright 60-40)
5. (tiebreaker) Electoral vote in the presidential race. 320-215 for Obama

Anonymous said...

Mccain 51-49 Nationwide

Obama - Bristol 70-30

COO - Yes 55-45

77th District race 53-47 FitzGerald

78th - Hamzy 60-40

Electoral McCain 271-267

Anonymous said...

COO passes, Unions cry foul!!

Obama WINS!!!! said...

Obama 53, McCain 45 - national
Obama 72, McCain 25 - Bristol
COO - yes - 39, no - 61
77th - Wright 59, Fitzgerald 41
Electoral - 396 Obama, 139 for McCain

And I think Hamzy loses a close one.

Anonymous said...

Here are the predictions of a bunch of political big wigs and pundits. Only one sees McCain as a winner.