November 2, 2008

Check out The Tattoo's Election '08 coverage

As some of you know, I help run a couple of organizations devoted to teen journalism - Youth Journalism International and The Tattoo International Teen Newspaper. They do great stuff and give me hope that in this age of idiot bloggers and lackluster readers, journalism will somehow survive.
Take a look here at what teens in Jamaica, South Africa, Afghanistan, Italy, Germany, Australia and the US had to say about the election. They still have plenty of youthful idealism to share.
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You may be a jerk, but it's nice what you do with these kids.

Great Work! said...

Great work, Steve! These reports are pure gold.

The one from Italy was particularly appealing to me. The author pointed out that Obama may not be the solution everyone wants in the world, but he's the start of the solution. How great is that! This young person from Italy summed it up perfectly.

Thanks for all you do, Steve! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Steve, you may be a nice guy, but you're a jerk for leading these innocents to the Fourth Estate.

GOBAMA! said...

Good News, Kids!

Gallup shows an 11 point lead for OBAMA!

This election may break all records! GOBAMA!!!

Anonymous said...

Steve, you have an estate? Four of them?
You must like McCain.