September 25, 2007

Stortz calls for more information on Board of Ed contenders

Here's a letter to the editor from Mayor William Stortz, about which I'll have more to say later:

One of the biggest issues facing Bristol, today, one for years to come, is the direction and development of education.
Education is one of the biggest factors in creating an image, and attracting people and businesses to come to Bristol.
Currently, we are engaged in discussion over school size, grade structure, and new or renovated facilities.
Whatever the decisions, a large part of our budget is involved, including major capital costs. Whatever the decisions, the image of Bristol, our ability to impact our demographics, and the education our children receive, is involved.
Peter Drucker said, “Long range planning does not deal with future decisions, but with the future of present decisions.”
This year we, the voters in Bristol will elect our School Board, nine members. They will oversee and determine grade structure, and school size, and to some extent the physical aspect of our school systems for the next four years, and their impact will be longer lasting.
Yet, there has been virtually no discussion by any of the Board of Education candidates, as to their positions. There has been no information provided as to their position on the issues.
I would like to see the media give this area more attention, so that the public can be better informed on key issues that will be affecting the City, and its youth, for years to come.
The is the only way in which the people can make a meaningful decision on our future.
William T. Stortz

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Anonymous said...

Stortz..please the people of Bristol don't care what you have to say..


Anonymous said...

To the last person commenting on here, have some respect.

Anonymous said...

We should show Bill Stortz as much respect as he has showed everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Storta should have some respect for the process. He is a Lame duck and he should stop wasting ink on his "ideas" or "solutions" since he did nothing about them in two years.