September 11, 2007

Downtown corp. may survive

As Democratic mayoral candidate Art Ward celebrated his stunning primary win Tuesday night, Frank Johnson caught up with him in the middle of a packed room at Nuchies.
Johnson, the head of the city's downtown corporation, fell on his knees before Ward.
"Don't disband the BDDC, Art. Please. Don't put us out of business," said Johnson, grinning.
Ward had asked the Bristol Downtown Development Corp., the nonprofit that is supposed to guide the planning for the revitalization of the 17-acre mall site, to postpone doing much of anything until after the Nov. 6 election.
But tonight, Ward took a different tact.
He told Johnson that he expects the company to "begin moving forward" now that the Ocean State Job Lot case is resolved.
Obviously, there are more questions that need to be asked, and answered.
But Johnson seemed pleased.

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of two-faced Zoppo boys - gee now they have to work with Ward, but not to much longer. We will end their terms come November!!

Anonymous said...

Frank Johnson would have kicked Art's butt if he decided to run for mayor. And he definitely will run when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

Frank didn't want to give up his better paying job in Waterbury for the risk of a two-year job in Bristol. Plus, he didn't think he couldn't beat Art. That's why he didn't run.

Anonymous said...

Steve: That's a good question for the Counicl candidates.

Do they support Wards plans to return the downtown project to BDA Ward's fundraiser in chief Rosenthal or do they support the BDDC keeping it.

Since the city council would have to repeal the ordinance if they say no, than Ward should give it up and truly move Bristol Forward.

Anonymous said...

When the time is right...maybe Bristol won't want him when the time is right???