September 25, 2007

Minor backs school sites

From city Councilor Craig Minor:
The seven citizens who volunteered their time to serve on the West Side School Building Committee did the job that they were asked to do (ditto the Forestville School Building Committee). They looked at the ten sites that they were told to consider. They held meetings and listened to the public. They asked questions of the consultants and did their homework. I respect them and the democratic decision-making process, so I will support their recommendation.
I was leaning toward a different site myself, but I don't have all the information that they had and I wasn't at all of their meetings, so I'm not going to pretend that I know better than they do what's best.

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Anonymous said...

... and the point of his response is ????

Disgusted Democrat said...

Councilman Minor, with all due respect once again you have the cart before the horse. You are functioning as though the jump to a K - 8 system is a forgone conclusion. If the voters have their say this November then that result is unlikely. That same failure to listen and lack of foresight lead to your support of the purchase of the Mall with no game plan and the subsequent added expense of litigation with OSJL. You failed to expect the unexpected. If I were you I would slow down, listen and stop believing that you are somehow intellectually superior to your constituency. You are clearly a smart man with potential to help this city. But right now you are making Bob Merrick look like a great alternative.

Anonymous said...

Who told these two commitees what sites should be considered?

Who made the 10 site choices?

No one on the BOE or from these committees have listened to the public. They sat and watched the public talk to them.

K-8 should not be considered a done deal.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that a gentleman with degrees in city planning, and is a professional planner, and has been liason to the BOE for years, has seen to it these BOE proposals have NOT passed by the planning board, or Bristol's city planner for comment or assessment.

What kind of hooey is this?
Now, he supports the site chosen by a group of "education experts" indicating that their assessment is a suitable, acceptable, and to be relied upon?
How professional!

Well, nothing like supporting those having credentials unsuitable or unmatched to the task at hand.

If his head ached, would he consult on the proctologist, rather than the brain surgeon?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ellen is still scripting for her boys.

Anonymous said...

Yes she is...Ellen will be scripting for Minor & McCauley as long as they remain on the council. Time for them to go, along with her.

Anonymous said...

Minor would go see a protologist for a headache if he knew where his head is so often located.

Anonymous said...

Clearly some of you people aren't very intelligent. He's just a liaison. If you don't know what that means, his only duty is to report back to the council what the BOE is doing. He doesn't have a say in what happens there even though some of you seem to think he has all sorts of power as a liaison. Anyone on the council who is a liaison to any committee or board has no say. They are there to report what goes on to the rest of the city council. Come on, get educated instead of making brainless comments. You should also educate yourselves with regard to the plan. Bristol is long overdue on needing new schools whether you like it or not. It just would have been probably $10 million less had it been done when it was originally proposed. Instead of assuming that we've spent lots of money for naught on experts, why don't you look at the plan and speak to the "experts." That's why they're called experts. Unless some of you have expertise in this area, I suggest you keep your comments to yourselves, because you obviously need an education and FAST!

DIsgusted Democrat said...

Anon 9/26 5:48 PM - You are either Councilman Minor, his wife or a member of his campaign. Your response is a quintessential Minor response to any disagreement with his position. Immediately shout "stupid" at anyone that disagrees with you. I doubt that most people in this city would argue that we could use new and/or improved school facilities. The debate is over a radical change in the system at the same time. A change that is highly debatable. Your so call "experts" have not provided any more evidence that a change from K - 5 to K - 8 will make a significant positive change. In fact, five minutes of research on the Internet can find volumes of contrary research. In lieu of hard evidence would it not be best to listen to the electorate? Stop staring at your degrees on the wall. I have more than one as well but without common sense and a willingness to listen they are just paper.

Anonymous said...

I cast a vote that the blogger who responded is Craigs puppet master.