October 25, 2010

Tunxis students back Democrats in mock election

Press release from Tunxis Community College:
Tunxis Students Vote in Mock ElectionTunxis Community College students participated in a mock election on October 18 and 19, using a new voting machine lent by the Office of the Secretary of the State.
A total of 377 students cast ballots in the election. “I was pleasantly surprised by the voter turn out,” said Rafaele Fierro, Ph.D., Tunxis assistant professor of history and organizer of the mock election. “It was a fun way for students to become more aware of how the political process works.”
The students voted for Richard Blumenthal, who defeated Linda McMahon 204 to 128 in the race for U.S. Senate. Dan Malloy beat Tom Foley 213 to 118 in the gubernatorial race. On the ballot question, 149 students were for and 215 were against abolishing the death penalty.
Tunxis Community College, which first opened for classes in October 1970, is celebrating its 40th year of service to the community. From fine arts, health, and technology to liberal arts & sciences programs, Tunxis offers almost 60 associate’s degrees and certificates, providing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that prepare students for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs and employment in areas with industry need. Tunxis is located at the junction of Routes 6 and 177 in Farmington. Visit Tunxis on the Internet at tunxis.commnet.edu.

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Anonymous said...

What would you expect from a bunch of entitled slackers?

Anonymous said...

Very sad to read this article. You would think educated college students would understand what is happening around them. Its very scary, but not really surprising. Most kids vote the same way their parents vote. Only a 1/3 of registered college kids actual vote anyways. Republicans might still have a shot.

Blissful said...

11:42 - at least the students are attempting to become better educated rather than wallowing in ignorance, such as you have chosen to do.
have to say that it sounds like you have become very successful at being able to demonstrate "ignorance" at it's best.
You definately get an "A" from me.
How about everyone else grading this fool?
Jump on in.

Anonymous said...

commie teachers are doing the job well

Anonymous said...

My one question would be how many of those kids are actually registered to vote?

Anonymous said...

Blissful idiot:

Sorry, perhaps 1/3 of the Demcrats vote that way becasue their parents do. The rest are welfare state leeches, perpetuating the nanny-state with the guidance of their equally neo-Marxist parasite instructors.

Anonymous said...

I give great credit to the 38% (roughly) who voted Republican. Those are the ones who are intelligent enough to see through the left-wing propaganda of their liberal professors. To bad the rest of the electorate won't follow suit.

dumb and dumber said...

The GOP is going to crush the Democrat Party this year. This just shows how clueless our young people are. Throw this vote count in the garbage.

Anonymous said...

As Tunxis votes, so does the nation.

The students there are a really good representation of the United States: rich, poor, young, old, and every nationality imaginable.

This mock election is a good sign for CT and the U.S.

God bless OBAMA and the Community Colleges!

Anonymous said...

If the nation did as the majority of Tunxis does, we'd all have been bankrupt and on welfare years ago.

Anonymous said...

Lets just make more Union jobs - and expand the Government. I vote to keep giving the Government more control of are everyday lives.

The Professor said...

The student population at Tunxis is a mixture that includes recently graduated High School students, older folks training for new careers and part time students who are already employed.

Wouldn’t surprise me to find out that those who have a little work history, and paycheck deduction history, arte far wiser than the younger folks who think all government revenue comes from someone other than them.

Think about it, they are in school getting an education so they can be more successful and earn more money but they don’t yet realize that with success comes a parasitic leach attached to every pay stub that will suck the rewards of your success from you.

conservative prospective professor said...


If what you say is true why such a lopsided win for the liberal, union endorsed Democrat? Surely Malloy will not win by 30 percentage points.

Clearly this vote reflects a majority who either believe government should act as a nanny state or who have succumbed to pressure from their liberal, state employee professors...like you.

Anonymous said...

You're all missing the point.

Tunxis students are smart. And so are the American people. Don't count on the RepubliCorp or the TeaBaggers to do anything except cry in their conservative coffee cups after the mid-term elections. There will be no gains or celebrations to be had!

God Bless President OBAMA and all smart people like him who believe in the great United States of America!

Anonymous said...

October 26, 2010 5:27 PM:

Your post proves you are not smart. I hope you're not the norm at Tunxis. You are crude, immature and quite pathetic besides being totally off-base.