October 15, 2010

Brickley has spent nearly $200K of her own money

Though Republican congressional hopeful Ann Brickley, a Wethersfield business consultant, has a long way to go before reaching Senate candidate Linda McMahon's spending spree, but she's still dipping into her own money in a way rarely seen in Central Connecticut.
Her latest campaign filings show she has donated or loaned nearly $200,000 to her campaign, which has only collected $254,000 in all, through October 1.
Larson has managed to attract nearly $2 million in donations so far -- but none of it is his own. I'll have more on that in the days ahead.
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Anonymous said...

I like when candidates who have money decide to spend it on their campaigns rather than use MY money for their campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Ann Brickley has a lot of great ideas and is what we need in Washington!! She has our vote!!

Anonymous said...

She's wrong on the busway but she's still better than Comrade Larson.