October 7, 2010

Brickley sees an opportunity

On the heels of a new poll showing that she's got a chance for a major upset, Republican Ann Brickley said she's getting swamped with phone calls of support today and expects she'll be able to raise "significantly more money" in the days ahead.
Brickley, a Wethersfield business owner, is hoping to knock out 12-year incumbent Democrat John Larson, the fourth-ranking member of the U.S. House leadership and a key lieutenant of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Brickley said that Larson, whose district includes Bristol, has "a poster boy for what's wrong with Washington."
Brickley said the new poll squares with the results her campaign has been seeing privately.
"We do have a shot at winning," she said. "We think this is competitive."
Brickley said that she's been getting out across the 1st District a lot in recent months.
"I really don't meet many people who feel the country is on the right path," Brickley said.
Brickley said that all of the major programs pushed by the Democrats, from health care to the financial overhaul, "are heading in the wrong direction" and voters know it.
Brickley said her campaign has been spending wisely all along, "trying to make the most of every penny," and will continue to do so in the weeks ahead.
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