October 7, 2010

Larson campaign scoffs at poll

U.S. Rep. John Larson's campaign manager, Chris Barnes, doubts a new poll showing a tighter than expected race is correct.
"Our internal numbers show us it's not true," Barnes said.
He said he doesn't want to squander time detailing the poll's failings.
Barnes said that even though the poll may help Republican challenger Ann Brickley raise more money, it will be more than outweighed by its potential to energize the Democratic base.
"It'll help with base enthusiasm," Barnes said.
He said that everyone knows it is "a tough year" for Democrats, but there's no need to worry unduly.
"We're just going to carry on like it might be true, because we always do it that way," Barnes said.
He said the campaign is going to have do more to remind voters that "John Larson is a Connecticut guy," who grew up in East Hartford, taught school, owned a business and spent time in politics pushing for policies that put people to work.
"We have to remind people of his story because it's a great story," Barnes said.
Barnes last worked for Larson in the congressman's unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign in 1994, when he worried they didn't do enough field work. This time around, he's determined to get the grass roots involved.
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Anonymous said...

well, well, well, look who shows up at the bottom of the staff page of this illustrious polling group......


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Zoppo is a support staffer here. Look out Artie...your polling results may be next.

Anonymous said...

How typical is this Barnes guy... any relation I wonder?

Fact is, he sounds very much like a campaign manager that is about to lose his job!

Larson is no more a CT GUY then Pelosi is.

Well John I am sure PELOSI can put you to work managing the child labor on her husbands pineapple plantation in Samoa!! Nice visual ...Larson in a straw hat with drink in one hand a wip in the other. Now there is the CT guy I know!!

Anonymous said...

Zoppo working for Larson?

Brickley HAS MY VOTE!

Anonymous said...

As a progressive democrat, I have anguished over my vote. I don't want to vote for a republican, as I don't agree with her political philosophy. HOWEVER, when your congressman it too busy to respond to polite emails about issues, it is time to impose a term limit.

Anonymous said...

That just shows how reliable these polls really are- who else works for this polling firm?- I'll bet your find at least one other name among their employees- Bruce

no surprises said...

nothing for the true democrats to worry about because, like everything else that ellen and that bruce guy touch, the results are twisted and tainted to reflect their deviant ways.
this just might be the proof that is needed to show that ellen is only out for one person - ELLEN.

Anonymous said...

Just when we thought it was safe, Zoppo rears her head.