October 20, 2010

Another Bristol cop under investigation

The Hartford Courant's Don Stacom has this story about a Bristol police officer who has been charged with a felony for allegedly choking his pregnant fiancee at Disney World.
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Anonymous said...

You must REALLY look up to Stacom now Steve! He's probably the only one who hates Bristol municipal workers more than you. Maybe if you're lucky he'll let you come see his desk and you see learn what it's like working in the big city. If you're lucky, maybe he'll let you work on a story with him some day. Or do you already take notes for him?

Steve Collins said...

Actually, I like most of the city's employees.
I barely know Don, but I recognize he's done some terrific news stories on the police over the years.

Anonymous said...

The Courant has really been doing alot of stories on Bristol lately.

rag said...

12:00 - yeah but see if they put anything in the paper if it is positive.

Anonymous said...

How about looking into the Police Chief...after tossing his guys under the bus, he should be looked into. John D. is nothing more than a stupid body the Mayor keeps because he will do whatever the Mayor asks him to do.