October 19, 2010

Photos from the congressional debate

Here are some pictures from Monday night's congressional debate in West Hartford:

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the unions get their thugs out in droves. They don't impress me that much, because they're just getting the day off form their worthless occupations to do the work of their commie-thug bosses.

sic, sic said...

8:44 - wow, you expressed all of that anger and didn't even mention politics once - what an accomplishment - dada would be proud of you poopsie.

dumb thugs m.i.a. said...

Wow, there's really Republicans outside of Bristol who come out in droves for an underdog candidate. That's impressive.

Where were all the union thugs? Didn't get the day off with pay, so it's a no show? Their union would have protected them from being canned. And they must have 20 sick days and 50 personal days to burn.