October 20, 2010

Mosback unlikely to regain his job

It doesn’t look too promising for former Police Officer Robert Mosback’s bid to regain his old job.
“If I were to have to vote today, I would vote to deny it,” said city Councilor Kevin Fuller, who serves on the police panel.
In a move that stunned commissioners, Mosback and his attorney, Theodore Wurz of Plainville, went to the Police Board Tuesday to ask them to ignore his Sept. 30 resignation and to restore him to the force.
"He wishes to rescind that resignation at this point in time," Wurz told commissioners.

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FED UP... said...

IF Mosback Got His Job Back...His First Day On He'd Say He Got Hurt On The Job...And Collect Workman's Comp For The Rest Of His Life...On Us The Taxpayer's!
I Still Can't Believe He and His Lawyer Had The Nerve To Ask To Resind His Resignation and Put Him Back On The Force...!!!

legal robbery said...

it's understandable - lawyers will collect fees from clients regardless of ethics or guilt.

Ben said...

I am wondering whats the point of offering him the chance to resign?
The whole point is to not involve lawyers, and give him a graceful way out. Looks like we should have fired him. What a fine mess this has turned into.

No doubt the guy needs help. Any other job, anywere, you would have been fired, ON THE SPOT. Now it's months, and months of complete BS.

Anonymous said...

"Mosback unlikely to regain his job"

Duh! Thanks for stating the obvious, Steve!

Anonymous said...

@Ben: I don't think that Mosback was "offered" anything ... he ran for the door when he knew he was caught. Then some attorney, who could use an extra $5,000 before the holidays, probably told him some B.S. about how he could save his job. And here we are....

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, What's all this "WE" about? Are you in a position of city government authority, that would even have a right to fire anyone? If not, re-think your words next time.

Anonymous said...

Steve, heard thru the grapevine that favored city contractor Greg Laviero was arrested a few weeks ago, where's his story??