October 22, 2010

Nicastro, Del Mastro face off at debate

Republican state House hopeful Peter Del Mastro came out swinging Thursday in the 79th District debate held at City Hall.

Del Mastro said at the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce-sponsored debate he feared for the future of Connecticut given its inability to create jobs, its high energy costs, its burdensome taxes and its stagnant population.

“Connecticut is sick today,” said Del Mastro, who is aiming to knock two-term state Rep. Frank Nicastro from office.

If people want more of the same, he said, they should re-elect Nicastro and leave the Democrats in charge.

Nicastro, a former mayor, said he’s proud of his record and declared that it’s time “to start talking up our state” instead of hauling it down.

“Too many people badmouth our state,” Nicastro said.

Nicastro said both Republicans and Democrats need to pull together and work for the betterment of Connecticut and its residents.

“I will put my record up for scrutiny,” Nicastro said. “You’ll see that I haven’t sat there. You’ll see that I haven’t been a yes man.”

He also said Del Mastro didn’t live in Bristol during his mayoral terms. “He doesn’t know what our record was” in bringing new business to town and holding down taxes, Nicastro said.

The two men differed sharply on a number of issues.

Del Mastro called for the state to consider privatizing some of its functions, including information technology and the motor vehicles department.

He also said the state has to bring government employee compensation back in line with the private sector.

Nicastro said the state may need to merge some departments and make cuts starting with top management.”

But, he warned, “we have to be super careful” to do it effectively.

“We don't want to put our citizens at risk,” Nicastro said. Click here for full story.

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repitition said...

sounds like it was another of frank's "I love me, you love me" sesame street productions.

Anonymous said...

And you Art Wannabe love yourself Ya gotta, nobody else does!

Anonymous said...

You can drive a politician to water, but you can'tmake him think.

Anonymous said...

Frank your just another guy who is not a leader. But in BRISTOL YOU FIT IN. NO LEADER SHIP.

Anonymous said...

Frank you looked like you wanted to cry in that picture in the press. Some one tell you your washed up.You screwed all the ITALIANS . So that votes is gone

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Frank is getting nervous. Another Italian to take him down a few steps. FRANK at least you love your self. Your like the chief you think all the women want you.

Anonymous said...

As soon as we get rid of that lousy excuse of a Republican Governor we've been saddled with for 6 years the state WILL recover. All she did while in office was pad her nice sweet pension into one hell of a blotted pension! Ssssure, she didn't know what Rowland was doing right under her nose...and what explains her not doing anything for the 6 years in office except make “Stay-cation” commercials and work 32 hours a MONTH!? Talk about Rowland stealing our money! Rell was the next biggest thief after Rowland!

Anonymous said...

Nicastro did a great job and he cares about Bristol. In Hartford, he's one of many, but he has accomplished some things, including the law to protect Social Security numbers.
The other guy came off as a Tea Party jerk.