October 10, 2010

Group homes once again a hot issue

Though I'm always wary of wading into group home fights because they always play out the same, with providers refusing to say much of anything on the one side and enraged, worried neighbors on the other. We all understand why.
But the Maxine Road group home issue is consuming much political attention so let me give you some links to reporter Jackie Majerus' stories:
Group home said to work... but where?
City residents at odds with group home developer
Klingberg sits down with lawmakers
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Anonymous said...

In the article Mr. Kleblatt says that most people don't have an issue with group homes. I beg to differ. As much as the state wants to sugarcoat these homes, the fact remains that property values go down. Look at Bellevue Avenue. Those people can't sell their homes because of the illegal group home that made its way there. Also, one can never tell if one of the troubled youths will "fall off the wagon." Case in point ... hayes and komasarjevsky. Granted they were in a half-way house, but isn't that basically the same thing only for adult men and women?

If this home is denied, which the operators of it tried to "quietly" bring it into the neighborhood, it should not be relocated anywhere else in Bristol. We have our fair share. What about West Hartford, Farmington, or any one of the other surrounding towns? Give us a break, please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Again Bristol gets what it asked for. Group homes are the result of bleeding-hearted liberal policies instituted by the Democrat Party (leaders) and revered organizations (in Bristol) like the BCO.

Anonymous said...

Nicastro the hypocrite probably voted to appropriate money to group homes like these.

Anonymous said...

NIMBY ......

Freak show .... all these morons DEMAND there be a place for their drug-addled rugrats to go ,BUT, NOT in THEIR backyard .

Get ove it .... Leave them alone .

as for that retard trying to equate this residence w/ the Avon situation .... if the cops had done thier job , that family would already have forgotten about an inconvenient evening .

Gotta love those unions ... NOT !!!!

Anonymous said...

6:43: you are way off base. If you happen to notice, our Governor is a republican and this has been going on under her watch and nary a word. This is about attempting to integrate troubled adults and children back into the community so they can learn to live within a community again. However, I don't feel it necessarily works and it certainly is a detriment to those who live in those neighborhoods who want nothing but to keep the value of their properties and to be safe.

By the way, 6:44, why don't you show us proof. It is actually a fact that Nicastro tried to introduce legislation to try to stop this sort of thing but it died in committee. Too bad you can't get your facts straight and would rather slander someone than tell the real truth!

Anonymous said...

12:54: Being a union has nothing to do with their actions so let's stop trying to tie the two. First of all, it was Cheshire NOT Avon. You apparently aren't too smart. Secondly, if anyone should be questioned about what happened it is not the police ... it is the dispatcher. The police were not given the proper information. They were told it was a "hostage" situation, in which case it is dealt with totally differently than any other type of situation and there are protocols that are followed in a "hostage" situation.

I agree with the NIMBY issue. Do you see the owner of this thing having group homes in his neighborhood? I don't believe so. There needs to be a law that forces the state, and anyone else who wants to put one of these facilities in a residential neighborhood, to follow zoning laws and where they need to apply to put one there ... not given a rubber stamp to do as they please and then leave up picking up the tab for these people that require very expensive services.