April 12, 2010

Zydanowicz makes congressional race formal

Here's the prepared statement that Zydanowicz read on the north steps of the state Capitol this morning:
Today, we begin to offer people a choice. Today we are ready to embark on a challenge to the established order – to those who have taken the voters in this district for granted – who have ignored the will and needs of every citizen for the powerful in Washington. Today we stand together to embrace the possibility, that we can live and be productive free people for a common purpose – to unleash those that are governed from those calling the shots in Washington, D.C.

My name is Mark Zydanowicz and I am running for Congress. I am running to give a voice to the thousands of citizens who have had enough of the political class. I am running to talk about what is really important – the economic survival of our state and nation, the security and prosperity of our American principles and the hope that the decisions we make today will give our children and grandchildren a better place to live and raise a family. A year after the voters thought they were getting hope and change, our nation now faces an uncertain future – mired in debt and partisan bickering, indecisive on the world stage and heading toward government control of the banks, our auto industry and now – health care.

Since the 2008 Election – Congressman John Larson and the political class in Washington gave us a “stimulus package”, a ”bank bail out,” an “auto industry bail out” and a “health care bill,” which all resulted in the government take over of private industry and all we have to show for it is trillions of dollars in new debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay for.

We can change that and we will. We have to.

I am a third-generation businessman. I am a Captain in the Connecticut Army National Guard . I am a father and husband. I have a young family and like many people, I have watched Congress make a mess of everything.  But when I look around, I see fear and uncertainty in the faces of my friends, my business associates and my neighbors.  Each, in their own way, says, “when will this all end?”  When will congress listen?

It will end when we fire our Congressman John Larson and send a message to the political class in Washington that enough is enough.  John Larson has spent most of his life in politics and has shown us that he cares more about where he fits in Party leadership than the people he represents.

As a leader of Nancy Pelosi’s team, John Larson and his friends in Washington have gone on an attack of the American Dream and the American people. John Larson is owned lock stock and barrel by more special interests than I can name and he is part of the inner circles that have shredded the Constitution to get their way. That is not what we elected these leaders for. That is not what the people of our congressional district wanted. But that is what they got – and it is hurting this country.

But this campaign is bigger than John Larson, it’s about the future, it’s about turning our country around and doing it without the partisan politics that has caused record unemployment and record deficits. No Party has all the answers. The Republicans spent too much when they controlled Congress and many of the pressing issues have been swept under the rug by both Democrats and Republicans.

This is about Connecticut and our future.

It’s time for new management in Washington.

We need to fix our healthcare system, not take it over with government bureaucrats.

We need to get serious on how we are going to fix Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and not keep passing off the responsibilities to commissions or future generations.

We need to look at how our tax structure and incentive programs help foster business rather than use taxpayer dollars to take over industries that the government deems “Too Big to Fail.”

We need to talk to the people in this country who create jobs, foster entrepreneurship and drive the economic engine of the United States – our small business owners.  For centuries these are the people who have sacrificed, saved and created a way to leave a future for their families and for their country.

We need government. But we need a government that works with us and for us, not the other way around.

Unlike John Larson, I understand health care.  I have underwritten health care plans.  My company provides health care to our workers. I have helped build hospitals in Iraq and the Dominican Republic. There is no doubt that our healthcare industry is in desperate need of repair.  But rather than send the bill to the tax payer to create more government jobs in Washington for government bureaucrats to make decisions on who gets what care, we need to rely on private business to work with healthcare providers to make the system work better for consumers.  John Larson has forgotten who he works for.  Thousands of jobs in our district are at risk because of John Larson’s support of the health care bill.  Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors and patients should be partners in finding a solution rather than being mandated by government.

Unlike John Larson, I understand the dangers abroad.  I have been in combat and seen the sacrifices made by others.  I have helped rebuild the nation of Iraq.  It was my honor to serve with real heroes.  John Larson says he supports the troops, but not the mission.  Bunk.  If you don’t support the mission John Larson, keep your support and don’t show up for the homecomings or troop deployments.  It is an insult to anyone who proudly wears the uniform of this country.

When John Larson went to Washington I am sure he had the best intentions to serve the people of Connecticut’s first congressional district.  But like Chris Dodd his hunger for power and popularity made him care more about the special interests and Washington insiders than the people in Connecticut who he was sent to represent.

We must provide opportunity to those who seek it and want it.

We need to bring reason back to government.

We need to do what is right for Connecticut, not what is convenient for the next Election.

I have never run for office before, but I have served my country and community.  I am not a politician nor do I want to be; I want to be a congressman and a representative for Connecticut. I need your help, guidance and support to send a message to Washington and restore leadership in congress and  here in Connecticut, for Connecticut.

I ask for your help as I formally declare my candidacy for the Republican nomination for Congress for the First Congressional District.
Let’s get to it.
God Bless You All.
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Anonymous said...

Weekend Warrior Wannabe doesn't stand a chance.

John Larson is likely going to be the next Speaker of the House when Nancy Pelosi steps aside.

Anonymous said...

And I formally announce my vote for YOU Mark.

Anonymous said...

Iy isn't when Pelosi steps aside, the opportunity will be there this fall when SHE gets voted out!

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi will be forced out when the GOP takes over the House next November.

Union stooge, social welfare champion John Larson will make a nice Democrat minority whip.

Anonymous said...

yo weekend warrior? if you dont stand behind out troop's feel free to stand in fron of them. MR Z Thanks for serving

Anonymous said...

Larson will be voted out next election. The country needs to be taken back by the average everyday citizen! With no ties to anybody! I can care less what kind of money Larson can get for the state! It means nothing to me when I live and work in the highest taxed state!

Anonymous said...

Z's got my vote! Bye, Bye Larson

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stepping out to represent us. We haven't had anyone from Connecticut who truly cared about us. The elite of Washington and their funding special interests need to be removed. Right on Mr. Z.

Anonymous said...

Another voter for Z. Take back America.