April 22, 2010

Vandalism a growing problem on North Main Street

Vandals have been wreaking havoc along North Main Street recently.
“It’s a big time problem,” said Mark Asadow, the owner of the Super Natural Market & Deli, whose sign has suffered more than $1,400 worth of damage this month, including some Tuesday night.
“We can’t keep up with the vandalism,” he said.
Vandals also struck Blondie’s Grill for the past couple of nights. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

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private is private said...

did these owners ever think about doing something on their own to protect their own property? why does the city need to pay for cameras etc. for private property, why don't these owners protect their own property? I have to.

Steve Collins said...

The owner of the Super Natural said he wanted to pay for cameras. He just wants the city to help get a good deal so he and others can hop on. That's a far cry from asking the city to pay for the cameras.

A Proud Bristolite said...

I Think That Is "Very Nice" of The Supernatural To Do That...☺

Anonymous said...

Police patrols.