April 14, 2010

Downtown overseers given three more years

The entire seven-member board of the Bristol Downtown Development Corp. was unanimously reappointed last night by city councilors to another three-year term. They're all set through April, 2013.
Mayor Art Ward said the seven volunteer commissioners have "a commendable job" moving the project ahead.
"I believe they'll pull us forward," Ward said.
The BDDC is a nonprofit created by the city to oversee the development of the 17-acre former mall site downtown. It is negotiating with a Long Island developer who is interested in taking a crack at bringing the property to life.
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Anonymous said...

"have a commendable job"

What did he mean by that?

Anonymous said...

4:34 - I know it's a big word for you...try looking it up in the dictionary.

Anonymous said...

I did, and that is why I asked.

Improper usage!

Anonymous said...

Obviously a typo (have "done" a commendable job)...now do you get it? Was it really worth bitching about?

wow? said...

8:14 - idiot, maybe the sentence was left incomplete by Steve.

Anonymous said...


Maybe it wasn't!!!

Anonymous said...

This means three more years of stalling before we start building. Thats if the builder doesnt give up. Maybe he will wake up and look around on his own then go running out of town.