April 7, 2010

Republican delegates to the GOP state convention in May

Meant to get these in last week, but better late than never.... These are the delegates picked last week by the Republican Town Committee:
Wally Barnes
Barbara Franklin
Ellie Klapatch
Jan Bevivino
Sharon Krawiecki
Edward Krawieck, Jr
T.J. Barnes
Mary Alford
Ken Cockayne
Henry Raymond
Stacey Raymond
Jill Fitzgerald
Whit Betts
Brock Weber
Bob Casar
Louise Melluzzo
Here are the Democratic delegates.
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bad government said...

Why are two people who are married to one another both delegates?

bad to worse said...

Four members of the Barne$ family as well? Money talks apparently for the Bristol GOP.

Apparently the Bristol GOP has sunk to an all time low.

Anonymous said...

Bad to Worse,

Why do you think the Barnes Family is so evil? From what I see all they try and do is help their community. Not sure how going to the state convention has anything to do with money, but then again I am sure you will tell me.

bad representation said...

The whole idea of having delegates is that the selection represents a group of people. With four members being of the Barnes family in addition to two sets of spouses you have a delegation of eight people coming from 3 families. It seems to me that the Bristol Republicans could have selected a more diverse group. What is the reason for this? Was no one else interseted or is no one else allowed? Doesn't sound like the "party building" has been going to well. No wonder the Republican Party in Bristol is so unattractive to the majority of voters and no wonder they can't get good people to be involved in the political system.

Anonymous said...

"Not sure how going to the state convention has anything to do with money"

-If you think that you're naive.

"Why do you think the Barnes Family is so evil?"

-No one called the Barne$ family evil, but do they need to have four family members as delagates? The "all-time" low comment is in regards to the selection process. Everyone knows the Barne$es are involved in the community. Who are some of these other people? Whio are they? These are the people selecting those to run the state? What are their qualifications, experience in the world?

Anonymous said...

The Republican party also has people volunteering that day. Can't be in two places at once.

Anonymous said...

Only Registered Republicans can be delegates to the state convention and this year delegates are going to be delegates to all the state and federal caucus over a 2 day period. It is going to be a huge time commitment and in the end not many people want to be tied up for 2 whole days. I was at the TC meeting that night and there were close to 45 people there and we struggled to fill the 16 slots to the convention.

For example if Bill stortz wanted to be a delegate allShe had to do was ask somebody to nominate him, but seeing as he was not nominated then he must not have had any interest.

Anonymous said...

your right no else was inerested

Anonymous said...

The Barnes families have done an awful lot for Bristol over the years.
Being the classy people they are, they do not blow their own horn.

Obviously they have a candidate (s) in mind, which is their perogative.

Certainly Ward has a candidate, and I know he is twisting arms to get other people to support his choice.

That is the way the game is played.

But please stop hassling the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Q: Which of these delegates will speak for those who are less fortunate than themselves?

A: None.

Anonymous said...

April 8, 2010 11:38 AM:
Don't put words into people's mouths. It's about arrogance not "evil".

"Not sure how going to the state convention has anything to do with money"
-The problem with this statement is that the person who wrote it is being honest. In this case he/she shouldn't bother commenting about these sorts of things.

Anonymous said...

The last four decades of Barne$es have inherited their places in society. But I guess we should be glad they haven't uprooted Associated Spring and moved it to Mexico like every other large manufacturer the unions and the Democrats have chased away.

Anonymous said...


Just how does Stortz fit into this thread?

Anonymous said...

Stortz has done more damage to the local GOP than good. But the same can be said of a few (or more) of the current regime as well.

Anonymous said...



Or are you just blowing smoke?

And what have you done?

Anonymous said...

10:35 Just wait and you'll see that go as well! For $$$$$$$$of course!

Anonymous said...

April 8, 2010 2:03 PM:

That's interesting. It sounds like the whole process this year is a joke...a mirror image of the Bristol GOP and this delegation.

But isn't TJ too working to pay his taxes so we can all enjoy the benefits of his largesse?

Anonymous said...


Again, just how does Stortz fit into this thread?

Seems like YOU have nothing tangible to offer so you get away from thereal issues.

Anonymous said...

April 9, 2010 9:18 AM aka Stortz:

It's what people could have done and what they tried to do but you undermined them, campaigned against them and left them in the cold.

Anonymous said...


As one that is not a political insider, your answer tells me nothing.

Is that he best you can do?

Anonymous said...

April 9, 2010 2:23 PM aka BS

I'm laughing at your nonsensical reponse to reality.

Anonymous said...

April 9, 2010 2:23 PM:

I'm sure if you use your head, you can imagine something. But maybe you already have?

Anonymous said...

Is that Mary "Alfor- higher- taxes" on the poor on that delegates list? lol. No surprise there! Artie beware!
And yup, EVERYONE knows the Barne$ money talks for the Bristol GOP. lol.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't this Welch guy's name on the Republican delegates list? lol. It's apparent he'll stoop to anything to win! lol.
I had my laugh for the day; just saw his (the Republican wanabee State Senate candidate's) flyer. He quotes Kennedy as "religious & idealistic"...Didn't Kennedy sneak women into the White House so he could get "lucky"? This guy is clueless! lol.

Anonymous said...

Barnes? Help the community? Just tell them their gifts are NOT tax deductable and see how much help Bristol gets! lol. …or if their gifts had to be “anonymous”, see how much they'd give to Bristol! lol.

Anonymous said...


I thought that Alford was running against Colapietro: at least her letters sounded that way.

Anonymous said...


Mary is a wonderful person. Unfortunately she is just being used by a few uppity republicans, but she doesn'trealize it.

Anonymous said...

April 9, 2010 8:03 PM:

You mean your boy Kennedy (the Democrat)? Actually JFK was the best one out of the lot. What planet are YOU on? Oh yeah they named the airport and all those schools after JFK because he was a piece of crud...sure.

But it made made scratch my head I will admit. Perhaps Welch is Iriash or maybe he's using his superior intellect to tap into the minds of the blue-collar Democrat base?