April 5, 2010

Fine businesses that don't file required assessment paperwork?

To figure out tax assessments on businesses, the city relies in part on the confidential income and expense information provided to it.
The Annual Income and Expense Report is especially helpful for determining the value of rental property, said Thomas DeNoto, the city assessor.
DeNoto said he would like the city to begin fining businesses that fail to file the required paperwork.  CLICK HERE FOR STORY

For those who want to know more about the form, here's a link.
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Anonymous said...

wow just read the form and how is any of that the citys business?

block the big spending democrats said...

This is just another example of a local Democrat politician (Councilman Block) using "public service" and the huge majority of voters the Democrat Party has to secure themselves a generously compensated state job.

Odin said...

Block is a salesman in the restaurant industry. He does not work for the State.

Anonymous said...

well if obama get's his way thet all will be state jobs

NOT mine said...

I guess Bristol has been too business friendly . That is why it is so prosperous .

Between bristols' policies and the fadgepucker Bloomie , businesses will successfully be driven out of Connecticut for sure .

Anonymous said...

Democrats can't be trusted with our money!!!

Anonymous said...

6:44..don't think the republicans are any better. Mills and Cockayne are also spend happy politicians.
They both think the new school project is a good idea when Bristol is broke. We need fiscal responsible politicians regardless of party affiliation.Bristol republicans are no more fiscally conservative than the democrats.