April 22, 2010

Busway battles rage on

Several stories worth catching:

Restoring rail to the region instead of paving a nine-mile busway between Hartford and New Britain is an environmentally friendly alternative, the Sierra Club said in an Earth Day press conference. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

The effort to block the proposed busway between Hartford and New Britain picked up the backing of two top Republican candidates Thursday.
“The future is rail — and high-speed rail at that,” said 1st District congressional hopeful Mark Zydanowicz.
Jason Welch, who is angling to snatch the 31st District state Senate seat, said the busway “is not a bad idea. It’s just not the best idea.”

A recent spate of statements against the New Britain-Hartford busway by Bristol officials and political hopefuls prompted one state Department of Transportation official to describe them as “selfish” and not reflecting “the best interests of the state.”
DOT spokesman Kevin Nursick said the busway project is one of the best examples in the country of a “thoroughly planned, thoroughly studied and thoroughly vetted transportation project,” and to indicate otherwise would be disingenuous. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to use the busway for my daily commute to Hartford.