April 20, 2010

Carpenter holds his own 'tea party'

Developer George Carpenter is most assuredly not afraid to fight City Hall.
When he lined North Main Street with construction vehicles last week, and forcing food vendors from their favored spots, Carpenter aimed to grab the public’s attention for a handful of his gripes with government.
“I decided it was time for me to hold my own tea party,” Carpenter said Monday. “I did what I did and I’m glad I did it.”  CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

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Anonymous said...

I am confused. Last week Carpenter claimed that his issues had nothing to do with the vendors and everything to do with the Armory building - which still has nothing to do with the town of Bristol and everything to do with the State Government.

Does he know what his actual grip is? In my opinion this is simply a case of sour grapes. What is next stomping his feet in the Mayors office?

Anonymous said...

George Carpenter is such a hypocrite. He has made so much money off the city over the years, the city has made George a very rich man. But he whines like a spoiled child when others might get opportunities to make money that he'd rather have.

All this talk about George Carpenter standing up for others is garbage, he only cares about himself.

Anonymous said...

carpenter needs to mind his own business. has anyone ever thought that maybe the downtown vendors are doing so well because they serve the food fast and it's good on a pinch? it's called capitalism and you can't just push the street vendors out just because you're doing poorly. You don't see super natural screaming about the vendors. why? because they are doing it right. time for the rest of the restaurant owners stand up and take notice. those vendors have been there for years. obviously the restaurants aren't doing something right or else they would have had this problem a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

April 20, 2010 3:49 PM:

You may not like theway GC behaves or what have you, but if you think "the city" is what made him rich you're a fool. "The city" made the local Democrats rich perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Another example of enties: people or bargaining units, that are successful because a certain few elected officials give into them.

Only when the people band together and support those that want to do for the people will we see any changes.