April 5, 2010

False alarms

City councilors are eyeing a possible change to the alarm ordinance that levies $90 fines for property owners who have more than three false alarms in a year.
Councilors said the fire and police chiefs want the authority to waive the fines when the property owner bears no fault for the false alarms

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Anonymous said...

Pose has been waiving the fee for years, which is common knowledge in City Hall. How nice of him to finally ask to do it legally.

Anonymous said...

All this energy wasted on nickel and dime bullshtt. Who will keep track of the violatons? Who will follow up? Who will represent the city when appeals are made? The fire administration office is almost empty all day long they, are woefully understaffed as it is. This is a total non issue. Kevin should know better. Ask the councilmen how many tens of thousands they are allowing Pose and Furgeson to waste on binding arbitration.

Anonymous said...

This is just another example of a local Democrat politician (Councilman Block) using "public service" and the huge majority of voters the Democrat Party has to secure themselves a generously compensated state job.

he's just another bureaucrat stooge said...

Pose is no friend to Bristol business. He already makes them pay for a city service they already pay taxes on (hydrant pressure alarm).

Anonymous said...

How is the Chief of Police going to waive false alarms, he never goes to them. Is he just going to look at the names or addresses and see if it's someone he knows andthen waives it? How about the city buildings that alarms go off. I live near Eastern High school and I see the police there every weekend for false alarms. Why doesn't the city hold them responsible?

Anonymous said...

But its okay for Ward to get his pot holes on his street fixed, free waste container (while we all have to pay extra?) and double health insurance for him and his wife? Seems to me Ward is an over inflated FAT cat. Time to vote his butt out!!