April 24, 2010

City tells skateboarders to shape up

City leaders have a message for unruly and sometimes destructive visitors to the skatepark — shape up or get out.
Officials said they hope the many responsible users of the $500,000 skatepark at Rockwell Park will take it upon themselves to clamp down on loud music, swearing, vandalism and other problems that are creating a growing number of complaints.
“If they’re not going to police it themselves, we’ll have to take it over,” Mayor Art Ward.
Ward said that police are spending ever more time in the area and the cost of keeping things under control there is escalating.
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Anonymous said...

Maybe we should hire people part-time to work down there and start charging to use the skate park.

Anonymous said...

City to host another party to figure thi9s out.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could ask the cops to stay off there cell phones and do there job. We always blame the kids not our city lesders who cant do there job. We have a police dept who thiks there job is to build up there social life on tax payer money. It starts with the chief and works down.

Positively Right said...

As I've said numerous time, this skate park was a bad idea as well as a waste of tax-payer money.

Now apparently gov't will use more of it's revenue to police this boondoggle.

What a joke (albeit not funny).

Just Venting said...

The way to get the less desired out of the skate park is to make them wear helmets. Farmington does this and they do not have any problems that we have. But someone has to enforce the rule.

Anonymous said...

lOOK whats in the area its not the skateboarders its the trash living in the area. Its full of sex and drugs at night. With non police protection.If and when police come by they turn there heads. Park in the lot one night and watch.

Anonymous said...

7:26 PM/8:00 AM, Sorry you flunked the test for the job with the police department, but it's never too late to go back to school. Good luck!

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

7:26 is right.

There is major problems in this city with drugs and crime. But all you people care about are those "damn kids"

This city has its head up its ass.

Anonymous said...

shut it down. Put up a fence and close it until the jerks listen.

jay said...

I Skate The Park at least 3 times A Week And For the most part all the kids are good kids, I'm coming up on 40 years old and i have been skating since i was 12, I wish we had this when i was a kid. Anyway I'm There alot with my son whos 10 years old and i see alot what goes on down there, yea theres a few bad apples and a few do swear a little to much but boys will be boys, this park is a blessing to this town, i know most of the kids down there and there good kids having fun, any vandalism is happening at night. Belive me when i say if anyone trashed that place while we are all there we would turn those responsable in FOR SURE!! We all love the place. I'm down there at least 3 times a week blowing the wood chips off withmy leaf blower and picking up trash. Yes there are some trouble makers every now and again but they dont stay around to long, i hope the town realize we cant help what happens at night were not there we cant skate in the dark, the police should patrol it at night more and if anyone sees anything report it right away.