April 25, 2010

Street lights stay illuminated, for now at least

A bid to save money by shutting off a third of the city’s street lights this year is stalled.
“Government just moves so slow,” said city Councilor Cliff Block, who proposed the move this winter as a way to slash electricity costs by more than $250,000 annually.
The immediate problem, city officials said, is that they cannot get updated maps of the lights from Connecticut Light & Power quickly enough. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Cliff part of local government? He moves too slow?

Anonymous said...

Guess Block is on a slow learning curve.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to all the refund money Ken Johnson was supposed to get from CL&P for the city? Didn't the city pay him a lot of money to handle this?

Anonymous said...

With less street lighting, I'm less likely to get caught streeking.

Anonymous said...

Guess Ken took the money and ran as any good Republican would...

Anonymous said...

Can't do the lights this year.

Can't do GASB this year.

Miss out on these savings until next year.

Neext year is an election year.

Makes sense to me.