March 31, 2010

Zydanowicz takes on Larson

After a dozen years in Congress, U.S. Rep. John Larson is one of the most powerful lawmakers in the House.
The East Hartford Democrat whose 1st District includes Berlin, Southington and Newington, has a large campaign treasury, friends in high places and solid name recognition among the voters who have re-elected him by wide margins every two years.
Taking him on is “almost insurmountable,” said West Hartford Republican Mark Zydanowicz.
Yet Zydanowicz plans to challenge Larson — and maybe knock him down.
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Anonymous said...

Z-boy is just another ego-driven wannabe politician dreaming of glory. Taking down Larson just ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

What's up with all these Iraq/Afghanistan veterans (Merrick Albert, and now Zydanowicz) who think they can run for the United States Congress without having ever served in any elected capacity? Government is an industry, and you aren't qualified to serve at the highest levels if you have no experience at the lower levels.

Anonymous said...

Good point.

What levels did Tom Colapietro complete before being elected State Senator?

Anonymous said...

At least they served there country.

Anonymous said...

Go Z!!

JIM said...

So did senator Colopietro

Anonymous said...

"Government is an industry"

-Will someone explain what this moron means? Government is NOT industry, it's government and this is a democracy (small "d"). Albeit it's a republic as well but the people have the choice to decide themselves if the representative is qualified (case in point: Colapietro, a man qualified to run a drill press)

"...and you aren't qualified to serve at the highest levels if you have no experience at the lower levels"

-Please cite where in the US Constitution (the document that is the law regarding our government) where it states this. There is no where in the Constitution where it states this by the way.

Anonymous said...

Are you really comparing the Connecticut legislature with Congress? If you are, then this conversation is over.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...the power to wage war, and the power to prohibit liquor sales on Sunday...yeah, they are comparable.

Anonymous said...


Check out the asset classes from the State of CT:

The numbers you see for performace are for 2009 not 2008. It is important to remember that the assumed rate of return for the pension is 8.75 so we stay ahead of the liability. Do you see any where on that performace sheet that number?

Funny how you show how little you really know about this stuff. Or maybe you know a fair amount and just choose to mis inform others.

loser said...

Like this Mr. Z has a shot in hell of even thinking that he has a chance - must be another wannabee-moccabee creation.

JIM said...

Hey Bozo,
I said that the states pension plan lost 2% while 401K's were losing 40 to 60% so a 8.75 rate of return just wouldn't happen even in the best scenario for that year but based on what your saying you would rather lose 60% than 2.
what a clown!
Also our illustrious Governor is choosing to not fund the pension again this year to the tune of $100 million.
under your 401K plan can she just not pay the 5% whenever the state has a hiccup?
If I were a state employee thats not the chance I would want to take.
And if you would like to debate me publicly I would be more than happy to clean your clock in full view.

Anonymous said...

Of course government is an industry, just like Hollywood is an industry, Detroit is an industry, music is an industry, etc. It has its own culture, language, etiquette, etc. To rise to the top you have to pay your dues. Being elected to Congress without having ever served locally is like getting a recording contract after winning "American Idol". It was a gift that fate bestowed on you; it wasn't earned by a life in the trenches.

The Constitution sets the minimum qualifications. The voters (the marketplace) pushes the bar higher.

Anonymous said...

Gee another who ?

Anonymous said...

Colapietro has what to do with this issue? Same old hatemongers. They give their phony opinions all the time and we don't even know if they ran or not. No experience either? Or did you run and lose like the rest of your unexperienced phonies?

Anonymous said...

Be polite, please. Be aware, too, that your words will mean more if you identify yourself. If you see a comment that should be killed, please tell me about it, including where I can find it in order to remove it. Do yourself a favor and remember that somebody can sue you, subpoena records from Google and find out who you are. So don't say something you wouldn't want to defend in court.
We forgive you because you don't know how.

Anonymous said...

12:46 He did a lot more than you . Look and see!

Anonymous said...

March 31, 2010 4:23 PM:

The Connecticut Constitution must be in coordiantion with the US Constitution (which it is regarding "qualifications" for elected officials) or else it'd be "unconstitutional".

But regardless the argument (and true statement) I make for the "qualifications" to serve in Congress is a theoretical one.

Anonymous said...

Ward and the democrats are serving up all these Puff Pitches and the Republicans are not even swinging at them.

How Come?

Anonymous said...

March 31, 2010 10:26 PM:

I agree somewhat with your statement "The voters pushes (sic)the bar higher" but not the "marketplace" rhetoric nor your grammer.

Government is not industry. It's an entity created by politics. Industry only exists (in a free society) in the private sector. In Nazi Germany gov't took control of industry to the detriment of that country. In the USSR the gov't "created" an unsustainable, financially bankrupt "industry". So I refrain from using the term "industry" in relation to gov't. To me industry is created in a free-market society by entrepreneurs and capital.

Positively Right said...

according to Wikipedia:

"The economy is also broadly separated into public sector and private sector, with industry generally categorized as private"

and I am always...positively right.

Anonymous said...

Colapietro is a joke! Who cares if it has nothing to do with this post.

NOT mine said...

and maybe knock him down.

Maybe you won't need to knock him down . He certainly has tripped himself up by supporting the fudgepacking obama death care fiasco.

p.s. .... STEPHEN ... if you don't let this one thru you should just come right out and publicly announce your undying support for the socialist regime now in control of my beloved nation.

Odin said...


You need to delete "NOT Mine Said" at April 3, 2:10 pm. The "fudgepacking Obama" is over the line.

NOT mine said...

April 6, 2010 12:48 PM

He lets the teabagging comments thru so fair is fair .