March 16, 2010

Larson says Dems have health care votes lined up

U.S. Rep. John Larson, the East Hartford Democrat whose district includes Bristol, told reporters last night the House Democrats have the votes to pass the health care overhaul bill by Friday. See the story in Politico.
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Anonymous said...

But will they take the same health care they are trying to shove down out throats?

Anonymous said...

If such a disgusting action is actually taken to destroy America , the reign of terror on America will come to an abrupt halt come November .

Anonymous said...


Larson won't!

Anonymous said...

I think an entire generation will remember that Democrats can't be trusted.

I can't wait for November and then 2012!

The clueless empty suit obama will be a 1 term-er.

Republicans aren't all that good but I'll vote for a ham sandwich before I'll ever vote democrat again!!!!!

Jackson said...

If Obama wants a health care that runs the way its suppose too, he should check out the VA's. They have world class doctors, best health care, and cost saving to taxpayers and Medicare.

But he and the adminitration are blind when it comes to researching quality health care and responsible health care. I will vote Repulican all the way this year, except those on the city counicl - I am voting all of them out starting with the cluless Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Larson should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Larson is hosting a $5,000 PER HEAD fundraiser in for himself in Nappa Valley:, while the rest of us in his district struggle to put food on the table, educate our kids and keep our mortgages from forclousure. In the mist of all of this, he can go to Nasppa Valley for $5000 per head...disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

A majority of us voted for Obama because he promised us health care reform. Now he is making good on that promise, which is more than any Republican politician ever did. If you have a problem with him delivering on the promise that got him elected, find a support group to whine to. Or move to some other country if you don't like this one anymore. We won't miss you.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till November either . Only to watch the coward big mouth Republicans lose again. You certainly won't go public. No guts all mouth ! 8:19 More wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Larson is King!!!

He can't be replaced, the rest of you are just servants!

If you don't like it move to France!!

Anonymous said...

Why do you think many of the disastorous provision of this healthcare take over kick in after 2012? That is when the your prmiums will rise , jobs will be lost.

This is the worst piece of legislation in American history. It will however be a one way ticket for those incumbents who supported it.