March 5, 2010

One year ago today...

It's been a year since a truck struck and killed Henry Waye, Jr. as he walked home along George Street. He was a sweet, happy and gentle little soul, a 14-year-old who could make people laugh.
I never knew him, but spent a good chunk of last March hearing from those who did while trying with my wife, Jackie Majerus, to tell his story and to dig into the terrible circumstances that led to Henry's death.
I'm not sorry that the story is in another reporter's lap now. There's something that just kind of rips at your soul when you delve too long into the nightmares that make headlines.
But I think of Henry often and hope that somehow his friends and family are able to find peace.
Some of his pals are gathering at 6 p.m. today to mark the anniversary at the site of last year's vigils.
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