March 4, 2010

Don't forget to watch TV tonight

You can see a well-crafted, interesting and enlightening documentary on the Bristol Press and the fate of newspapers for one hour on CPTV at 8 p.m. (it airs again at 10 p.m. Friday).
Watch it and you'll see my editor, Bill Sarno; my wife, Jackie Majerus; City Planner Alan Weiner; Chris Bailey from the American Clock and Watch Museum; state Rep. Frank Nicastro; me and a cast of thousands, including cameo appearances by the city assessor and his staff, some familar Korean War vets and even former Mayor Bill Stortz.
I met a guy who put me to music. And another who edited out my ums and ahs.
These are strange times.
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Anonymous said...

Strange times with an even stranger cast of characters!

Tim Gamache said...

A very well done and interesting piece.I'm one of the "old fashioned" ones who still prefers a local newspaper.Couldn't agree more that journalisms' chief function is to be governments watchdog.To me,that requires reporters with "boots on the ground."You and Jackie represented yourselves,the Press and Bristol quite admirably.I really appreciated the section on the Moving Wall.I had the priviledge of meeting that former Platoon Leader as well.Those are images that will never leave him.In conclusion,the piece was excellent.It put Bristol "front and center,"and I hope Bristol WILL be ground zero for however the delivery of all news may look like in the future.

NOT mine said...

I must admit that I did enjoy seeing one of my blog posts in the show .

Anonymous said...

Press wants to attract readers, why not do more on the budget and fiscal situation.

This is what the public is interested in.