March 5, 2010

Pine Lake parking to be OK'd by state

Press release just issued by Gov. Jodi Rell:

Governor Rell: Previously Approved Pine Lake Dredging Grant
to be Reallocated to Improve Area Parking
  Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that a language change to a prior grant to Bristol for the dredging of Pine Lake is expected to gain approval when the state Bond Commission meets March 16. 
   The change will allow for parking improvements to be made at Pine Lake.
 “I know Pine Lake advocates have been very patiently waiting for word from the state on these parking lot improvements,” Governor Rell said.  “We want to do all we can to improve the quality of life for Bristol residents who live and travel around the lake. 
  “This is also an important environmental project that will make the lake a regional asset. By allowing some flexibility in the original designation of this funding, we are maximizing the state’s investment.  We want to make certain that as many area residents can visit the lake as possible to enjoy the local scenery.”

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Craig Minor said...

This only took six years for the State to approve. How time flies!

scored it a D- said...

a tad bit short of anything substantial governor but you'll still have the support of a do-nothing legislature to back you up.
hope that nicastro isn't going to be pounding his chest over this great conomic stimulus windfall.

Poboy said...

60 million bucks for a highway project and they can't figure out how to integrate a postage stamp sized parking lot into the plan? Pathetic. "Score it a d" is right too. Nicastro will be getting blisters on his hands patting himself on the back for this.

Anonymous said...

where at pine lake pine st or Emmette or birch st side?