January 11, 2010

Wright: Release the road money

Press release this morning from state Rep. Chris Wright, a Bristol Democrat:


State Representative Christopher Wright (D-Bristol) says the Governor should release millions in state aid that would fund paving projects and road repairs including funding for Bristol.

“The Governor’s decision to hold this funding is hurting Bristol and making it difficult for local elected officials who have to make decisions about town paving and road repairs,” Rep. Wright said. “Towns depend on this funding and holding it back can negatively affect local property taxes, in addition to holding up work on local projects.”

Due to the current budget deficit, the governor has held back $30 million in Town Aid Road (TAR) Grants.   

In the previous fiscal year, the city of Bristol received $341,711 in TAR funding.

Towns usually receive TAR funding in January and July each year.

Rep. Wright serves on the Housing, Insurance and Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committees, 

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We need Fedele in 2010 said...

Simple minded local Democrat spouting simple-minded State Democrat hyperbole to the simple minded majority.

Ummm Chrissie et al: Have you heard about the $300 billion state deficit?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that one of our legislators is doing something in Hartford- not sure it is right enlight of the deficit but at least he is doing something other than collectting a pay check and sitting at home

Anonymous said...

2:37 you've got to be kidding...this kid has no idea that there is a HUGE State deficit (Chris that means that expenses exceed income) that threatens a heck of lot more then his lousey TAR money. Rep Wright is dead wrong AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

What say you Mocabee??

Anonymous said...

And if he didn't ask, you'd criticize him for that too!

Wright is Wrong said...

This idiot needs to go back to Patient Information or what ever job daddy got him at Saint Francis.

Anonymous said...

more useless whiners (Yawn)

Anonymous said...

I agree, Wright is a useless whiner.

Anonymous said...

You useless whiners know I mean you. We all know!