January 6, 2010

Political shakeup at last

Wow, what a difference a few words from U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd can make.
Democrats are now looking forward to pushing Richard Blumenthal into the Senate instead of battling the odds to keep Dodd in his seat.
And the attorney general position, a crucial one, is going to be wide open again for the first time in a generation. No doubt at least one or two of the Democrats who have been eyeing the governor's office or other statewide post will decide to grab the AG slot instead.
That makes the ugly free-for-all that's been shaping up look a little less nutty.
Democrats may be sad to see a champion like Dodd depart from the scene, but they can read the polls. They knew reelecting him this year would be tough. Dodd obviously knew it, too.
So now the Democrats' chances across the board in Connecticut suddenly look a whole lot better.
But, as Dodd showed, things can change quickly.

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Positively Right said...

Dodd a champion? After decades in the Senate he never chaired a committee in the Senate until recently. He was elected because of the fact that his father was a Nurenberg lawyer and a former Senator. Dodd should be remembered for what he is/was...a do-little blowhard.

Anonymous said...

Yawn again (You are boring)

Anonymous said...

But positively right!