January 4, 2010

Dunlap eyed for Board of Finance slot?

The word floating around political circles is that Mayor Art Ward plans to tap his former campaign treasurer, Bob Dunlap, for another term on the Board of Finance.
Ward merely smiled coyly when I asked him about it.
He said he would let me know his pick on Thursday, when he sends it out to the City Council.
But there's no doubt the mayor is at least talking about the possibility of selectin Dunlap for the volunteer post on the powerful finance panel. Dunlap served on the board until 2006.
Ward flirted with the idea back in 2008, but ultimately didn't pick Dunlap, who was fined for failing to follow campaign finance laws properly during the 2007 race.
Dunlap lost his finance panel seat during former Mayor William Stortz's term. He was regarded as a conservative on spending and usually allied with the more tight-fisted members among the city's fiscal overseers.
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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Dunlap working for Ward? Takin care of his buddies again I see.

reality said...

if you read the story, you would have seen that he was considered to be one of the MORE tight-fisted members of the Finance Board; exactly what we need today.

Anonymous said...

Dunlap did not have a clue then and still doesn't.

He just listened to Nicastro, and look at the results.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Dunlap screw up the campaign finance report?

And get fined?

This is what we really need!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Word has it council is going to put up a fight

Anonymous said...


Dunlop blindly followed Mize, who blindly follows Kloko.

We need some thinkers on that board, some one who is willing to do some work.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a very bad choice. His DEMONSTRATED inability to file campaign reports that were legible let alone accurate is proof enough of Dunlaps poor work ethic.

This attempt to put a person who was convicted and fined like Dunlap on the Board of Finace raises some serious fiduciary issues of the City, let alone how poorly it reflects on Bristol.

Todays enviroment is full of people who have miss used the public's trust like Dodd and his mortgage deal, or Madoff's follies. Why would we want to put a person who has a proven POOR finacial fiduciary record on the Bristol Board of Finance exercising "his" influence over a $200 million budget and the allocation of those TAXPAYER dollars? Under these circumstance, there is a hugh trust issue here.

If you are guilty of a campaign finance violation as he was found to be,and fined $1500 then that should disqualify any person from holding a seat on a board that deals with the Public's money just as the Board of Finance.

Should we allow people who have filed for bankrupcy on the finance board?

Perhap's we should establish some standards here. If you are guilty of any sort of a finacial violation as Dunlap is, you are OUT! How about this as an issue for Charter Review? Standards for Board of Finace nominees?

If this guy has any common sence, he will withdraw his name. This is just another example Ward's use of the mayor's office to take care of his buddies. What is Ward thinking...payback for taking a bullet? Jesus help us!

Anonymous said...

I doubt tha the council will oppose him: they have NO backbone!

Anonymous said...

Another republican.

What did ward get in return?

Anonymous said...

ALl of a sudden, Mad Dog becomes speechless!

And he claims he is looking out for the taxpayer.


Anonymous said...

Dunlap majorly screwed up with ward's campaign finance and he is so rewarding his buddies! ward is so blatant with his cronyism that it's beyond belief! can those who vote please remember this stuff when election time comes around? I hope the council nixes this guy!

Anonymous said...

Just another reminder of stortz having done the right thing.

cry baby, cry said...

9:27 - suggest that you take a look at ward's appointments; you'll see a variety of names from across the board, politically and otherwise, without regard to party affiliation or cronyism.
could it be that you asked for a position and were turned down because of your inability to be objective? Grow up and maybe someday you can be recognized as being able to act responsible.

Anonymous said...

Mad Dog: where are you?