January 29, 2010

City seeks 5 percent sewer fee hike

With more than $15 million worth of sewer projects on tap during the next decade, the city is trying to stash away some cash to make sure that residents don’t get soaked paying for them.
Public works officials are calling for a 5 percent hike in the sewer rate this year followed by 5 percent increases in each of the next three years in order to ensure the projects can be done without clobbering taxpayers all at once.
Brian Fowkes, who oversees the sewer division, said that a 5 percent hike in the coming fiscal year will cost the average user $10.
The average homeowner would see sewer bills rise from $193 annually to $203 per year, Fowkes said.

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Anonymous said...

A sewer "fee" is a tax. My only problem with this is how much of this $15 million is related to indirected over inflated union contract provisions. Probably close to 25%.

Anonymous said...

IT`S to pay for the money the managers take home 80,000 to 100,000