January 21, 2010

The mansions of our would-be leaders

Rick Green has a terrific post today. Go look at it.
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Anonymous said...

Where is Blumenthal's house?

Odin said...

This is disgusting. Not that these clowns are filthy rich, but that they really think their wealth qualifies them to be Governor or Senator.

Nobody who has never held any elective office (including a one-year stint on the local Board of Education!) should be seriously considered for the top office of the land.

Anonymous said...

I think they feel their experience in the Private Sector qualifies them to run for office. Besides the only qualifications required to run is that you are a resident of the state and a citizen of the USA. Besides what qualifications do you have to determine who is qualified or not to run for office??

Tim Gamache said...

1:25 PM Wasn't aware there were qualifications necessary to voice an opinion.I believe anyone with the intelligence,drive,dedication and vision who chooses to serve the public should have the oppurtunity to do so.Something is wrong with the system when only people of great wealth can AFFORD to run a campaign for elected office.

Odin said...

No, it's their egos that makes them feel they are qualified. Sure, you have to have a pretty healthy ego to think you're up to being a Governor or a Senator, but a healthy ego is not enough. You also need experience with government, because running your own business is nothing like running the peoples' government.

Odin said...

"Opportunity"? They have the opportunity, Tim. And the voters will have the opportunity to tell them to shag their rich asses back to Greenwich in November, if not sooner.

Anonymous said...

Since when does financial success equal a lack of ability to lead in a government position?

I understand the logic that we want a regular guy or gal that will understand our needs, but at the same time, if we want our government run like a business, why not utilize strong business minds? Wealth, or lackthereof should not be a credit or discredit to a candidate's qualifications.

Odin said...

7:40 -

I'm not saying a rich guy has no ability to govern; I'm saying he has no experience in governing. Knowing how to run a business does not equate to knowing how to run a government. When you own the company, "because I say so!" works. That does NOT work when you're just a member of the committee (i.e. a senator) or the nominal head of a huge bureaucracy (i.e. a governor).

Americans tend to worship rich people. We need to get over that.

Tim Gamache said...

7:40 PM I'm not suggesting that financial success equals a lack of ability to lead in a governmental position.My frustration stems from the fact that only the wealthy can AFFORD the ad buys.An individual with equal ability to lead but lacks financial support has the "deck stacked against them" simply due the inability to buy the ads necessary to get the needed exposure that explains their stand on the different issues.I confess I can't provide a solution,I just wish the playing fields were more "level."

Anonymous said...


Your comments and opinion on this matter are totally warped and off-base. You are a big-government-groupie without a clue. Get a real job and be quiet. You sound like a communist as well.

NOT mine v said...

running your own business is nothing like running the peoples' government.

January 21, 2010 3:20 PM

THAT sums up why the state is in such a financial disaster .

If we were to elect someone w/ the ability to understand finances and NOT whose bread to butter in the union hall back room we would be a much happier and prosperous state .

Remember connecticut .,... The Scott heard around the world , and , The American Revolution has begun ....

See you all in November .....

Anonymous said...

If financial success and being a leader in government are mutually exclusive, than you definately could be a government leader.

Anonymous said...

So you must think:

1) FDR (went from being rich to NY Governor to President)

2) JFK (went from being son of rich man to Senator to President...for no other reason than his dad was rich)

3) Thomas Jefferson (owned a plantation and helped write important document and was elected to high office)

4) George Washington (plantation owner, General, and then President)had no business being President?

5) Alexander Hamilton, businessman, army officer, patriot, Constitutiuon framer to Treasury Secreatry

You are a complete moron.

Anonymous said...


If those that do not have BIG BUCKS, you and me, want to have an impact, we have to be involved.

Not just blogging, but being involved and taking thelead in getting others involved.

It is up to us, you and me.

Shouldn't our talking with other peers be as effective as slick TV ads?

It is up to us, you and me.

Odin said...

8:57 PM -

FDR was elected to two terms in the NY state senate (1910 and 1912), served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy (1913-1920) and was the Democratic Party’s candidate for Vice President in 1920 BEFORE becoming Governor of New York. Do a little homework before stating “facts”.

Anonymous said...

Stortz and Wayward BOTH ran going business's into the toilet. Now they are both qualified to "run" into the ground no less the largest business in the city into the ground....Go Figure!!!!!2xx

Anonymous said...


Who in the Mall in the 80's and early 90's came out unscathed?

Age Allen, Mommy and Me, Lands, who moved and closed, Gourmet Gallery, the T shirt shop and so on.

I give them credit for believing in Bristol and trying as opposed to those that sit back and complain.

At least Stortz and Ward got out in front!

What have YOU done????

Anonymous said...

A government of the people,by the people, and for the people.....except, how can the people get elected when money is the primary qualification to run for office? Alot of those elected to public office use their own money to bankroll campaigns. Why? Because it is a good investment! They can control their own destiny, at the taxpayers expense!!
It is our own fault, though. We hold those that are well off in high esteem, and subconciously, we think that by voting for them and supporting their tailored views, we can become like them. We are FOOLS! And they expect that in us.....
We should elect people that have morals, ethics, and integrity.But instead, the media becomes engrossed in celebrity, and they transfer their idolization unto a weak, lazy public. We don't WANT to be lied to. But the truth is, getting the real story is difficult and time consuming. And we would have to admit that we are being duped. We are all SUCKERS!