January 7, 2010

Bingham School may close this year

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City education officials are talking about shuttering Bingham School at the end of this school year to save money, according to this story in The Hartford Courant. They think it might save as much as $1 million annually.
Bingham is already earmarked to close when the two new K-8 schools are built. They are expected to open by the fall of 2015.

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Anonymous said...

A city dying one school building at a time. Shrinking its way to greatness. With no change in enrollment why didn't they shut it down this year and save the money this year too?

Anonymous said...


Ask Mayor Ward!!!

Anonymous said...

Schools are the center of a neighborhood. This city continues to destroy neighborhoods (Federal Hill no longer has a school, now Bingham, Jennings will be next.) When will city officials care enough to intervene with our dying city? How could they have ignored the armory? One building at a time, neighborhoods dying away.

Anonymous said...


Ask Mayor Ward:He is the one talking about Bingham School: he wanted to pre-empt the Board of Ed.

Sick of city leaders said...

Thanks Ward for showing your lack of leadership in this town.

Anonymous said...

To those that supported Ward:

Be careful of what you pray for. Sometimes your prayers get anawered.

Gary Lawton Graff said...

While I agree that Bingham maybe should be closed, I feel these two new schools are not the way to go.
I have lived in Bristol going on 30 plus years and have always liked the idea that the schools represent each part of the city and I feel it should stay that way.
These new mega schools only will, I feel, churn out students and not give them the more personal touch that the smaller schools in this city provide and that the students deserve. We already hear that the classroom are already overfilled, are we being led to think that putting more students in one school will solve that problem. I really can not see it happening.

mental nerds said...

so get off of your dead asses and tell the board of education about your concerns rather than stupidly blaming the politicians.

Anonymous said...


But it was Ward that was mouthing off about it, BEFORE the Bd of ED could make the announcement!

Positively Right said...

Gary et al:

This is part of the plan to force the new school project down everyone's throat. With over-crowded schools (as a result of this closing), people will feel more pressure to begin the new school project.

Clearly $150 million of new school buildings is not what Bristol needs now.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gary et al. $150 million at a time like this? I don't know if it is a new mayor we need, or a new school superintendant....perhaps both! The school board has to stop the rubber stamping and listen to the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

January 11, 2010 4:36 PM:

You agreeing with "Positively Right".

"Gary et al" (Gary and others) is who Positively Right is talking to.

Anonymous said...

January 11, 2010 4:36 PM:

These superintendents are all cookie cutter copies.

Anonymous said...

Has the NEED changed any since 2,3,5 years ago?

Or has it become even more critical?

Do you think costs wil go down in the coming years? Why

Keep in mind that this will not hit the taxpayers pocketbook for 2-3 years after construction starts, maybe more.

Improved Education is probably the best investment Bristol can make.

back to school stupid said...

Suck it up.