January 10, 2010

Welcome, George Gombossy

George Gombossy, Connecticut's top consumer watchdog, is now writing a Sunday column for The Herald Press. He's a welcome addition. For more of his stuff, be sure to check out his terrific website, too.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve for the warm welcome.
Looking forward to working with your and the New Britain Herald readers to help educate each other about consumer/finance/health issues.

Adam Benson said...

Congratulations to George, the Herald Press and your readership at large.
What a great addition to the revamped company. I'm glad George is able to have a home in print again. I'm going to be a loyal reader as I am of his Web site, and I think your subscribers will appreciate the skills and information George possesses and brings to light every week.
Congrats again!