January 4, 2010

The downtown hearing tonight

Don Monti, president of Renaissance

Here is reporter Jackie Majerus' main story as well as a sidebar about the selection of Jennifer Janelle as a key player to negotiate the deal with the Long Island-based Renaissance Downtowns.
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Anonymous said...

Good crowd, some good questions, many of which should have been asked of Ward and the Council.

Monte cant solve all of Bristols internal problems with this one project.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to plan, said Monti, who said both his company and the city need to have “a sense of urgency” to get everything in place so that when the recession ends, building can begin.

This statement makes me nervous!

Anonymous said...


Don't worry, Ward does not believe in planning ahead: note disbanding of Theater study, disbanding of Flood Contol effort, no plan, after two plus years to cut costs.

We are and will be stuck with the status quo.

And he wants four years????

Anonymous said...

Didn't see too many BDDC members there.

Guess they are still taking their marching orders from Johnson!

Anonymous said...

How long before Ward gets his flunkie Rosenthal into the picture?

minus said...

9:44 - what don'y you understand about NO $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

Anonymous said...

Arrangement for speakers was poor, very hard to hear them.

Odin said...

Monti seems to be telling us what we want to hear, but with a strong dose of reality thrown in. I like that. That huckster from Florida who bid on it last time threw in everything anybody wanted, literally including an ice skating rink. That was scary.

What people need to understand is that Bristol isn't selling the 17 acres to Monti. We're forming a partnership with him, where we bring the land and he brings the contacts and expertise.

empty said...

5:27 - quite obvious that we would be lacking if you were the one representing intelligence in this project.

Anonymous said...


There is money available: ask Klocko!

And, how can they build new monuments in the Parks if there is no money?

And why are they wasting money with the unnecessary lighting?

You sound like Ward: are you?

Anonymous said...


What does it cost to have a committee of citizens expore the need for and possible uses of a theater?

And what does it cost to have the Council committee for Flood and Erosion Control?

And what will it cost if we don't keep on top of theses and many other things???

(See Frank Nicastro)

Anonymous said...

And now back to the city budget.