January 21, 2010

Interesting thing to note about the blog

It's fascinating to me that the comments on my blog entries are far, far more enlightening and much less angry when they're made on my Facebook page rather than directly on the blog.
For those who don't know, I have a feed for this blog running on my wall on Facebook, where it gets mixed in with status updates, new 'friends,' and such. It's possible for people to make comments on the Facebook wall.
With growing frequency, they do, most all of them related to blog entries. What makes the comments better, I'm sure, is that all of them -- every single one of them -- is made by someone whose identity is clear. Heck, most of the time there's even a tiny picture of the person.
I say this in part as a mere observation. But I also invite anyone who'd like to be a Facebook friend and check out how that works. It may be better for some of you.
You can find me on Facebook by searching for "Steve Majerus-Collins." And while you're there, become a Fan of Youth Journalism International.
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Anonymous said...

When I read your Facebook page, I'm usally naked, while when reading the blog, I am not. That is the difference.

Steve Collins said...

Sometimes, of course, anonymity is good.

Anonymous said...

On Facebook you have to use your name and be identified. The blog is anonymous.

Anonymous said...

aRe u this desprate for frendz that u will ask everywun to bee your facebook frend? God, that is pathetic

Anonymous said...

Steve it is because the leaders and select people are spiteful and vengeful people.If you say your opinion on a subject and it is against these people.It means problems for you and after being involved with these people for 20 years and seeing this done over and over again.Why bother going anymore?The citizens of Bristol have no voice in this city.The council meetings and the BDDC meeting are attended by what 100 people maybe.The same people serve on all the boards and nothing ever changes because if you speak out against them your attacked brutally.EX:Jennifer Janelle.I have seen this done numerous times and it is a joke.To get anywhere in Bristol you have to kiss someones hiney and the more brown on your nose the better for you.