January 8, 2010

Logo for Bristol Nine makes an appearance

And here's the team's new website, still under construction.

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Anonymous said...

Old time baseball man doesn't look good, it looks like a prison parole.

Anonymous said...

Nine players, nine innings or nine months before the team folds?

Couldn't a more regionally original name be created. How about the "Bristol Bozos"?

Anonymous said...


No, that would be too political.

Anonymous said...

I see it didn't take very long for the naysayers and the malcontents to start spewing their bilious nonsense. Nothing is ever good enough for these cretins. What a pathetic bunch of losers.

Anonymous said...

More great community support and stupidity from people who don't work or are at work and not working. I'm sure you all are doing your best to make Bristol a stronger and better place to live.

Embarrassed for you said...

"Couldn't a more regionally original name be created. How about the "Bristol Bozos"?"

Oops, sorry 11:32 AM, seems that "Bristol Bozos" is already taken. It's the moniker most of us folks use when referring to you and the other sorry clowns on this blog who seem to get their jollies by insulting and deriding our hometown.

Anonymous said...

You might want to run an "image" Google search using "Mudville Nine, Stockton". The California League's Stockton Ports used sthe same logo a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

The first pitch hasn't even been thrown out and the Bristol Nine have already been "caught stealing". It would seem that the Bristol Nine hadn't received permission for trying to pass-off the Stockton Ports' old Mudville Nine logo as their own. That would explain why the handlebar-moustached logo initially unveiled by the club has been replaced by the rather generic mark now on display. I must say that it doesn't reflect well on the team's ownership that they misappropriated trademarked material and tried to foist it on the public as being their own. Shame, shame, shame.