January 7, 2010

Lieberman next on voters' hit list?

Polls show U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman has managed to alienate Democrats, Republicans and independents alike.According to a Public Policy Polling survey yesterday, only one in four of the state's voters approve of the job the senator is doing.
Democrats loathe him most, with ony 14 percent still backing him, but Lieberman's not doing well among the rest of the electorate either. Only 39 of GOp voters support Lieberman and just 32 percent of independents.
"It's hard to see how he'll be around for another term," said Dean Debnam, president of the North Carolina-based polling outfit, according to this release.
Fortunately for Lieberman, he doesn't face the voters again until 2012. And that's a long time by political standards.
Of course, it appears Lieberman's strategy is to keep racking up enemies. It's not the typical politicians' style, but then Lieberman is clearly not the stereotypical senator.
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Anonymous said...

It's rather laughable that the Democrats hate Lieberman the most. Are they not the ones who dumped him for Lamont?

He owes nothing to them for what they did. Joe had the last laugh. When 2012 comes, the good Senator will retire on his own terms, not like the spin we received yesterday from you know whom.

Anonymous said...

Joe's a traitor. A modern-day Benedict Arnold!

Show him the door, elect him no more!

Go blow, Joe!

Odin said...

Get it straight. We dumped him AFTER he dumped us.

Positively Right said...

If Lieberman votes against the final health care bill (the Senate and House compromise), he'll have my support.

Anonymous said...

Ward next on the voters hit list?

Anonymous said...

Joe Lieberman is done!

He'll retire just like Senator Dudd!

The Dems saw the writing on the wall and so did Dudd.

Obama should make him Ambassador to Israel and get him out of the United States.

Hold a special election for the seat.

vote said...

9:28 - suck it up.

Anonymous said...

And now back to the city budget