January 4, 2010

Dodd backs rail and busway, which may be an impossible choice

As U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd headed for the door of a local spring company on his way to Berlin, someone asked how long it would take to get there.
“It would only take 20 minutes by train,” piped up Mike Nicastro, president of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce.
Dodd laughed.
The senator said that New Britain is pushing for completion of a busway between the Hardware City and Hartford while Bristol is lobbying instead for commuter rail along an existing track.
“We ought to be able to have multiple choices,” Dodd said, with both options chugging forward to help improve the region’s transportation infrastructure.
But it doesn’t appear possible to have both the busway and a revived passenger rail service.
A stretch of track between New Britain and Newington doesn’t have room for both the busway and the rail, transport officials have said, so it appears that only one alternative can move forward.
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Anonymous said...

It will take you 20 minutes if you don't count:

1. the time it takes to get to the Bristol station (including parking)

2. the time spent waiting for the train (any experienced traveler knows you need to build in extra time if you are delayed getting to the station)

3. the time spent getting from the destination station to your actual destination

Anonymous said...

DODD is reverting back to 1940 who will use the train in Bristol the drug lords . Would you park your car at a bristol train station on main st.Better yet would you let your wife park on main st. Maybe Dodd should come to Bristol. He could have lunch with all the people wondering around.

Anonymous said...

I say we put Dodd on that train and send him packing! The only way to save his senate seat will be to come up with that 100 million for UCONN hospital.

Anonymous said...

Where is the citys plan, justification, coordination.

Again, no plan, just a lot of talk!