August 19, 2009

The Tattoo heads to Afghanistan

We have a hot new issue of The Tattoo for the end of the summer, with Youth Journalism International's Edrees Kakar reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan about Thursday's presidential election. Be sure to read it.
Also featured in our new issue is a review of "A Mighty Heart," the movie about murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Consider it a reminder to catch the film sometime. Pearl's life is a testament to the value of journalism to open hearts and minds -- and the awful price some must pay when narrow hatreds run rampant instead. It's yet another reason to worry about the troubled state of the newspaper business, which employs most of the world's reporters.
The issue also has photographs from a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan, where people who fled the fighting between the Taliban and Pakistani Army wound up.
On another note, a new "class" of Youth Journalism International students is forming now. This is an especially good time for young people with an interest in writing or journalism to get involved. It's free to participate and those who have done it are proving every day how valuable the experience can be. Check it out at
We're also eager to get press passes into the hands of our student reporters all over the world. If anyone out there can help defray the costs a little, we'd sure be grateful. It's not cheap making them and mailing them overseas, but we want our young reporters to carry proof of who they are and what they're doing.
Thanks for reading The Tattoo and don't hesitate to offer us ideas, constructive criticism or assistance of any kind.

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