August 17, 2009

Courant's slipping standards on display again

For the past couple of years, The Hartford Courant has proudly called attention to its stellar consumer reporter, George Gombossy, a legendary reporter. It put his picture on posters, stuck him in front of the Channel 61 cameras and otherwise hailed him.
But that was before Gombossy tried to let people know that Sleepy's was under investigation for allegedly selling used mattresses as new.
That got him fired, because Sleepy's is a big advertiser. Read all about it here.
You can keep up with Gombossy online at
(P.S. -- I have no idea if Sleepy's actually did anything wrong.)

Update at 4:10 -- Take a look at the Courant's laughable response.
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Anonymous said...

Bad-mouthing the competition does not raise the Press any higher. In fact, it doesn't look atractive at all.

Steve Collins said...

The Courant is not competing in Bristol anymore.
Sticking up for journalistic standards is part of my job. And, believe me, most of the journalists at the Courant want people to know how its management is undermining its mission.

NOT mine said...

Sticking up for journalistic standards is part of my job.

Maybe this is the reason YOU choose to report the way you do .... Job security .

Anonymous said...

The Courant seems to be an obsession on this blog.

Dave Lieber said...

Steve, Thanks for the post. Great news site. Dave Lieber