August 2, 2009

Republicans face mayoral primary?

Republican mayoral hopeful John Gill may have to fend off an internal challenger before he can focus on unseating Democratic Mayor Art Ward -- assuming he gets that far.
A challenger has emerged who is trying to secure the signatures needed this week to force a primary in September.
I'll have more information by Monday afternoon, maybe sooner.

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Anonymous said...

Go Geladino!

Anonymous said...

Ken Johnson: he likes the idea of a primary.

Anonymous said...

Odds are that Gill drops out!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Republicns didn't do their homework and talk to other people.

Male of female?

Anonymous said...

Bet it is Mocabee.

He hasn't run in quite awhile.

Anonymous said...

Aha! Another democrat becomes a Republican.
One way to increase the registration.

Concerned Conservative said...


Why didn't this person simply state his/her intent before the town committee endorsed Gill?

More stupidty from the local RINOs.

Again who cares?

Anonymous said...

Better not be Stortz!

wondering said...

oh please, don't hold us in such suspense - is the challenger fron bristol or is he/she relocating for the election, does he/she have a track record of community involvement or is he/she hoping someone else does, has he/she been a registered republican for more than 30 days or even a REGISTERED voter, has he/she been an active voter over the past 2 years - I know that is a long time in republican circle but most of us can count - does he/she know the location of city hall?

Anonymous said...

Why not?

republican drama=republican trauma said...

sounds like grat communication between the hierarchy and the RTC - are they sure that they are supposed to run in this year's election or even in this city?

Anonymous said...

Looks like at least one republican is not satisfied with Gill

Are there mnay more?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the republicans regret not having approached stortz?

stumble, stumble said...

Wow, I can see the gop primary headlines now; "what's his name is running against the other guy", sounds so "bush-league."

Anonymous said...


You didn't beat Couture, he lost himself. The Repub. could have put up a bum and he would have won....oh wait they did put one up.

Twice Mayor, first time put in because current mayor stepped down, second time...won because Couture made bad choice.

Twice worst mayor Bristol has had. The day he left office they were dont flips down the hallway in cityhall.

Anonymous said...

I have to like anyone whose departure makes city workers happy.

He must have been doing something right!

Anonymous said...

How do you spell Cockayne again?

Anonymous said...


You forget he was ELECTED TWO times after Leone left, and you forget he won EVERY DISTRICT against Couture.

And I have yet to hear ONE documented example from you of what mad him the "worst" mayor.

Sounds very personal to me.

Anonymous said...

I have to like anyone whose departure makes city workers happy.

He must have been doing something right!
The most successful, productive workplaces have happy employees who ENJOY their work. Running the place like a prison camp is not necessarily conducive to a successful business.

Stortz was wrong for Bristol then, and he still is now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're really happy and productive now. NOT

Anonymous said...


You sound like J.Rosenthal, being upset about having be in work on time most of the time.

And having a few friends that work for the city, I am of the opinion that most of them were happy with Stortz: the ones being the most upset were few department heads that were being held accountable.

It is not easy to effect a culture change.

Anonymous said...

"I am of the opinion that most of them were happy with Stortz"

and I am of the opinion that they weren't. Guess we're at a stalemate. It doesn't really matter anyway...Stortz is through.

Anonymous said...

IF, and I say IF, Stortz is through, it is because HE chose not to run.

Maybe he saw what was happening within the party and saw that no good could come out of it.

Anyhow, he has my thanks and appreciation.

Anonymous said...

It blows my mind that the republicans will not listen to a: former, multi term town chairman, former state central man, 5 term councilman, two term mayor.

But then, those in power now, who haven't won any elections, think that they have all the answers.