August 30, 2009

Lawton vows to give back $35K a year as mayor

Press release from Gary Lawton, independent mayoral candidate:

Independent Mayoral candidate Gary L. Lawton has said that if elected he will give back 35% of his yearly salary as gesture to show that he is willing to show the unions that he appreciates the concessions the unions have given the city to help it through the current financial crisis. Mr. Lawton also challenges other city officials to voluntarily give back to help the city.
“We are all in this together, if we ask the police and fire,city workers and teachers unions to help us then as elected officials I feel we should set an example and do our part during this difficult time”. Mr. Lawton also says
“It can't be us against them or me against you. We all have to work together to get through this and make and keep our city financially stable.
Gary has also expressed mixed feelings about the buying the Dutton Ave properties. “ I think any major purchases at this time would not benefit the city financially especially after we have asked for so much from the unions in concessions”. While agreeing the Dutton Ave. property would benefit Rockwell park, he would like to see if there is another way to acquire it, “ Let's sit down with all the siblings to see if we can reach some kind of agreement for them to maybe will the property or donate it, or at least let's have an agreement which would give the city first shot at the property when we are in a better financial position, I agree it would greatly enhance Rockwell Park, but we just don't have it”.
“ I was taught just cause we have checks in the checkbook does not mean we have the money in the bank and with a possible deficit looming next year every penny will count”.
Mr. Lawton would also like to announce Ms. Michelle Defosse as his Treasurer and invites anyone and everyone who would like to help in the campiagn or if they have any ideas or want to share their concerns about Bristol to email Mr. Lawton at or visit his web site at

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boring said...


Anonymous said...

Possible deficit? No Mr. Lawton, that is a guarantee, and simply giving back $35,000 will not cover an $8 million gap. And judging by his comments regarding investment during hard financial times, he lacks the vision and knowledge required to make smart financial investments for this city.

Anonymous said...

How does Ward plan to address the 8 million dollar deficit that he helped create?

Anonymous said...

And Mr. Ward has that vision and knowledge?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Mr. Lawton should really have someone (like a press person, etc.) releasing his statements for him. There are some typos in the press release, and there are quite a few on his website. The errors are distracting and take away from the substantive part of his message.

I appreciate his efforts in trying to reach out to the people of Bristol, but as a politician, one must take extra care in making public statements. He should want people to focus on his message, not in the way in which he's communicated the message.

Anonymous said...

Art won't give up money - he is trying to suck what he can from the taxpayers.

Concerned Conservative said...

This fellow although somewhat inarticulate, has some good fiscally conservative core priciples. He also is one who is of the (real) working people (as opposed to the coddled union workers).

It is a failure of the local GOP to have this fellow running as an Independent. Republicans who care about their party should ask themselves if they find that the current leaders of local party are doing an adequate job. If not Republicans should push for something better than what they've received as of late.

Anonymous said...

Why is this guy running for Mayor?

Loo-sar and the rest of the 3rd District GOP should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...


The current "leaders" of the Bristol GOP are a bunch of immature and/or developmentally disfuctional, self-centered people...much more concerned with their selves than pf the party and conservative ideology.

Anonymous said...

CC must be talking about his "whining" self as usual! Useless

Anonymous said...

At least Lawton is letting us know his position: where are ANY of the Republican candidates?

You may not agree with Lawton, but at least he is giving us a choice.

Anonymous said...


who is this woman running for Mayor.

Th Republican leadership should step back and look at the whole picture

Anonymous said...

CC aka Art.......Duh !!!!!